§ 51-80 Admission
§ 51-80a Regulation of foreign legal consultants
§ 51-81 Investigation of qualifications of applicants for admission to the bar
§ 51-81a Certificate of registration. Fee. Renewal
§ 51-81b Occupational tax on attorneys. Collection procedure. State lien against real estate as security for tax. Interest on unpaid tax. Attorneys who are not liable for tax. Administration
§ 51-81c Program for use of interest on lawyers’ clients’ funds accounts. Applicability to entities that establish certain accounts to receive loan proceeds from a mortgage lender
§ 51-81d Client Security Fund
§ 51-81h Escrow agreement not invalid when attorney-at-law, law firm or agent is escrow holder
§ 51-84 Attorneys subject to rules
§ 51-85 Authority and powers of commissioners of the Superior Court
§ 51-86 Soliciting persons to institute actions for damages
§ 51-87 Solicitation of cases for attorneys
§ 51-87a Limitations on written communications to prospective clients
§ 51-87b Attorneys and persons affiliated with attorneys prohibited from referring persons to real estate brokers, salespersons, or mortgage brokers or lenders, for fee or commission. Penalties
§ 51-88 Practice of law by persons not admitted as attorneys. Exceptions
§ 51-89 State marshal or constable not to act as attorney in court
§ 51-89a Complaint and hearing required for suspension or disbarment
§ 51-90 State-Wide Grievance Committee. Appointment, qualifications and terms of members
§ 51-90a Powers and duties of State-Wide Grievance Committee
§ 51-90b Grievance panels. Appointment, qualifications and terms of members
§ 51-90c State-Wide Bar Counsel
§ 51-90d Grievance counsel and investigators. Powers and duties of grievance counsel
§ 51-90e Filing of complaint alleging attorney misconduct. Referral to grievance panel
§ 51-90f Investigation and determination by grievance panel of attorney misconduct
§ 51-90g Review of panel’s determination by subcommittee or State-Wide Grievance Committee
§ 51-90h Decision of State-Wide Grievance Committee
§ 51-91 Compelling testimony of witnesses. Contempt
§ 51-91a Hearing re eligibility to continue practice of law for attorney convicted of felony. Order. Suspension. Appointment of trustee
§ 51-91b Applicability of grievance procedures. Transfer of pending matters
§ 51-91c Posting of signs concerning attorney grievance procedures
§ 51-92 Grievance committees; fees and expenses
§ 51-93 Reinstatement of attorneys
§ 51-94 Evidence in proceedings to suspend, displace or remove attorneys-at-law
§ 51-94a Limitation on liability of attorney appointed to inventory files and protect interests of clients of inactive, suspended, disbarred or resigned attorney