§ 51-289 Public Defender Services Commission established. Income and Eligibility Guidelines. Child Protection. Court facilities. Compensation plan
§ 51-289a Public Defender Services Commission, Chief Public Defender and Division of Public Defender Services assigned counsel substituted for former commission, chief attorney and public defenders
§ 51-290 Chief Public Defender and Deputy Chief Public Defender; appointment, qualifications, removal, salary
§ 51-291 Duties of the Chief Public Defender
§ 51-292 Expenses included in commission’s budget
§ 51-293 Public defenders, assistants and deputies; appointment, terms, qualifications, suspension, removal, salaries. Division of Public Defender Services assigned counsel
§ 51-294 Reappointment of public defenders serving on October 1, 1975
§ 51-295 Retirement and disability of public defenders. Retirement credit
§ 51-295a Retirement of certain public defenders. Retirement salary. Credit for prior service. Transfer or return of contributions. Pension for surviving spouse
§ 51-295b Longevity payments for Chief Public Defender and Deputy Chief Public Defender
§ 51-296 Designation of public defender for indigent defendant, codefendant. Legal services and guardians ad litem in family relations matters and juvenile matters. Contracts for legal services
§ 51-296a Eligibility for counsel in family relations or juvenile matters. Procedure for appointment or assignment. Payment of attorney appointed prior to July 1, 2011
§ 51-297 Determination of indigency; definition, investigation, reimbursement for services, appeal. Penalty for false statement
§ 51-298 Reimbursement of commission by financially able defendants or persons. Actions by Attorney General
§ 51-299 Eligibility of minors for public defender services. Powers of investigation
§ 51-300 Confidentiality of statement in support cases