§ 52-1 Administration of legal and equitable rights
§ 52-9b Civil jury sessions for the court of common pleas for New Haven County. Where held
§ 52-10 Jurisdiction of the Superior Court. Actions against judgments of
§ 52-11 Complaints for change of name. Exceptions re offenders required to register with Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection. Commissioner’s standing to challenge change of name
§ 52-12 Jurisdiction over the sale of certain real property. Protection of unrepresented interests. Orders and decrees to be recorded
§ 52-13 Protection of unrepresented interests
§ 52-14 Jurisdiction of cases brought prior to October 1, 1955
§ 52-22 Courts may pass title to real property by decree
§ 52-23 Order to guardian to convey ward’s realty
§ 52-29 Superior Court may declare rights and legal relations
§ 52-32 Transfer of causes brought to the wrong court
§ 52-36a Claiming of cases to jury on consolidation of actions where not previously claimed