§ 52-185 Bond or recognizance for prosecution
§ 52-189 Surety company bond acceptable
§ 52-190 Action on probate bond. Endorsement of writ
§ 52-190a Prior reasonable inquiry and certificate of good faith required in negligence action against a health care provider. Ninety-day extension of statute of limitations
§ 52-190b Designation of negligence action against health care provider as complex litigation case
§ 52-190c Mandatory mediation for negligence action against health care provider. Stipulation by mediator and parties. Rules
§ 52-191 Precedence of actions in favor of the state
§ 52-191a Precedence of certain actions involving zoning ordinances and regulations
§ 52-191b Precedence of proceedings involving planning commissions
§ 52-191c Precedence of actions involving terminally ill persons
§ 52-192 Precedence of other cases in order of trial
§ 52-192a Offer of compromise by plaintiff. Acceptance by defendant. Amount and computation of interest
§ 52-192b Offers of judgment. Applicability
§ 52-193 Offer of compromise by defendant
§ 52-194 Acceptance of defendant’s offer of compromise
§ 52-195 Effect of failure to accept defendant’s offer of compromise
§ 52-195a Unliquidated damages; tender
§ 52-195b Referral of civil action involving motor vehicle to alternative dispute resolution program. Expedited process case. Privileged case
§ 52-195c Time period for payment of settlement amount
§ 52-196 Motion to continue or postpone
§ 52-197 Motion for disclosure. Rules
§ 52-197b Discovery outside country to be in accordance with treaty or convention or court order
§ 52-198 Disclosure; examination of officer of corporation
§ 52-199 Questions which need not be answered. Self-incrimination
§ 52-200 Disclosure not conclusive
§ 52-200a Defendant’s insurance liability policy limits and insurer’s duty to indemnify subject to discovery
§ 52-201 Action on nonnegotiable instruments; defense. Assignment
§ 52-203 Demand for receipt not to vitiate a legal tender
§ 52-204 Recovery of expenditures by husband or parent
§ 52-205 Court may determine order in which issues shall be tried
§ 52-206 Writings; admission of their execution
§ 52-207 Defense based on Sunday contract
§ 52-208 Reception of evidence objected to as inadmissible
§ 52-209 Argument of counsel; time limit
§ 52-210 Motion for nonsuit
§ 52-211 Refusal to set aside nonsuit; appeal
§ 52-212 Opening judgment upon default or nonsuit
§ 52-212a Civil judgment or decree opened or set aside within four months only
§ 52-215 Dockets. Jury cases. Court cases
§ 52-215a Jury of six in civil actions
§ 52-216 Deciding questions of law and of fact
§ 52-216a Reading of agreements or releases to jury prohibited. Adjustments for excessive and inadequate verdicts permitted
§ 52-216b Articulation to trier of fact of amount of damages claimed to be recoverable permitted
§ 52-216c Failure to call a witness. Jury instruction prohibited; argument by counsel permitted
§ 52-217 Violation of statute by minor
§ 52-218 Jury may try issues of fact in equitable action
§ 52-219 Claim for damages and equitable relief; separate trials
§ 52-220 Hearing in damages: When to jury
§ 52-221 Hearing in damages: Evidence. Notice
§ 52-221a Hearing in damages: Proof of damages on defendant’s failure to appear
§ 52-222 Verdict by nine jurors
§ 52-223 Jury may be three times returned to consider verdict
§ 52-224 Special verdicts. Jury to assess damages
§ 52-225 Judgment on verdict; assessment of damages when judgment rendered other than on verdict
§ 52-225a Reduction in economic damages in personal injury and wrongful death actions for collateral source payments
§ 52-225b “Collateral sources” defined
§ 52-225c Recovery of collateral source benefits prohibited
§ 52-225d Payment of damages in lump sum and periodic installments in personal injury, wrongful death and property damage actions
§ 52-225e Notice of settlement in excess of ten thousand dollars by insurer to claimant
§ 52-225f Transfer of structured settlement payment rights prior to October 1, 2003
§ 52-225g Transfer of structured settlement payment rights: Definitions
§ 52-225h Transfer of structured settlement payment rights: Required disclosures to payee
§ 52-225i Transfer of structured settlement payment rights: Approval
§ 52-225j Transfer of structured settlement payment rights: Effect
§ 52-225k Transfer of structured settlement payment rights: Procedure for approval
§ 52-225l Transfer of structured settlement payment rights: General provisions
§ 52-226 Trial to the court. Special finding
§ 52-226a Special finding that action or defense without merit and not in good faith
§ 52-227 Judgment for or against some of the parties only
§ 52-228 Judgment too large; remittitur; correction
§ 52-228a Appeal from order of remittitur or additur
§ 52-228b Setting aside of verdict in action claiming money damages
§ 52-228c Remittitur when noneconomic damages in negligence action against health care provider determined to be excessive
§ 52-231 Facts on which judgments found to appear on record
§ 52-231a Filing of affidavit re other custody proceedings; visitation rights
§ 52-231b Entry of order or judgment or approval of settlement that prohibits or restricts disclosure of sexual abuse of minor prohibited
§ 52-232 Judge to file memorandum of decision on demurrer
§ 52-233 Certification of statutory appeals taken to a judge
§ 52-234 Time for entering of justice appeals
§ 52-235 Reservation of questions of law
§ 52-235a Declaratory judgment to determine orders of priorities
§ 52-235b Proceedings stayed if attorney unable to appear
§ 52-235c Referral to alternative dispute resolution program. Stay of proceedings in court
§ 52-235d Mediation. Disclosure
§ 52-235e Stay of proceedings in action against crime victim during pendency of criminal proceeding
§ 52-235f Referral to arbitration of civil action involving claim for bodily injury arising out of motor vehicle accident