§ 52-549n Certain contract actions referred to fact-finders. Rules of procedure
§ 52-549o Assignment of fact-finders. Hearings
§ 52-549p Appointment of fact-finders. Compensation. Powers
§ 52-549q Adjournment of meeting of arbitrators. Meeting of arbitrators. Absence of arbitrator
§ 52-549r Rules of evidence to apply to fact-finding proceedings. Finding of fact. Award
§ 52-549s Consideration of finding by court. Objections. Authority of court re finding
§ 52-549t Failure to appear. Payment of fees of fact-finder. Dismissal of action
§ 52-549u Arbitration of certain civil actions. Rules of procedure
§ 52-549v Assignment of arbitrators. Arbitration proceedings
§ 52-549w Appointment of arbitrators. Compensation. Powers
§ 52-549x Decision of arbitrator
§ 52-549y Failure to appear. Judgment. Motion to open or set aside judgment. Dismissal of action. Payment of arbitration fee
§ 52-549z Appeal. Trial de novo
§ 52-549aa Setting aside award. Trial de novo