Chapter 1 Construction of Statutes
Chapter 2 Legal Holidays and Standard of Time
Chapter 3 Public Records: General Provisions
Chapter 4 Oaths
Chapter 5 Bonds
Chapter 6 Uniform Acknowledgment Act
Chapter 7a Durable Power of Attorney Bank Accounts
Chapter 7c Designation of Person for Decision-Making and Certain Rights and Obligations
Chapter 8 Uniform Recognition of Acknowledgments Act
Chapter 8b Uniform Unsworn Foreign Declarations Act
Chapter 10 Codes of Ethics
Chapter 11 Unlawful Conduct with Respect to Legislative Action
Chapter 11a Pension Revocation or Reduction for Public Officials and State or Municipal Employees
Chapter 12 Quasi-Public Agencies
Chapter 13 Connecticut Institute for Municipal Studies
Chapter 13a Treatment of Federal Payments Under State or Local Programs
Chapter 14 Freedom of Information Act
Chapter 15 Connecticut Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
Chapter 15a Office of Governmental Accountability
Chapter 15b Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act
Chapter 15c Connecticut Uniform Power of Attorney Act and Connecticut Uniform Recognition Of Substitute Decision-Making Documents Act
Chapter 15e Miscellaneous Provisions