As used in this chapter:

(1) ”Agent of the department” means a person who acts on behalf of the Department to carry out its activities.

(2) ”At large” means livestock that strays from confinement or restraint and from the property of the owner including livestock that strays into a confined area that is owned by a person other than the owner of the livestock.

(3) ”Department” means the Department of Agriculture.

(4) ”Livestock” means domesticated species including: bovine, camelid, cervid, equine, swine, ruminants, ratites, rabbits, poultry, and other animals harvested for food, fiber, fur, or leather.

(5) ”Unenclosed lands” means lands, other than the livestock owner’s property, where the livestock would be able to run loose, free of confinement, or otherwise unrestrained by the livestock owner.

81 Del. Laws, c. 37, § 1.;