(a) Upon the filing of the application and the payment of the investigation fee and the annual license fee, the Commissioner shall, to the extent the Commissioner deems advisable, investigate the financial responsibility, financial condition, financial and business experience, character and general fitness of the applicant, and if the Commissioner finds these qualities are such as to warrant the belief that the applicant’s business will be conducted honestly, fairly, equitably, carefully and efficiently within the purposes of the intent of this chapter and in the manner commanding the confidence and trust of the community, the Commissioner shall advise the applicant in writing of the Commissioner’s conditional approval of the application, and thereafter, upon compliance by the applicant with § 2309 of this title, shall issue to the applicant a license to engage in the business of selling and issuing checks, subject to this chapter. If the Commissioner determines on the basis of the Commissioner’s investigation that the applicant does not comply with the purposes of this chapter as set forth in the preceding sentence of this section he shall notify the applicant of the denial of the conditional approval of the license stating the reasons therefor in writing.

(b) A licensee shall obtain a license for each office or other place of business from which its licensed business is conducted upon payment of the required fees for each office and compliance with all applicable provisions of law. In the event the location of a licensed office is changed during the term of the license, the Commissioner shall issue without charge an amended license for the new location. In case there is a change of name but no change in corporate structure, the Commissioner shall issue without charge an amended license for the new name. Such license shall not be otherwise transferable or assignable. The Commissioner may issue more than 1 license to the same applicant upon payment of the required fees and compliance with all applicable provisions of law.

(c) Upon written request, the Commissioner may in the Commissioner’s discretion grant conditional approval for an acquired licensee to conduct its business under its existing license for a period not to exceed 60 days when control of the licensee changes and a new application for licensure has been filed in accordance with this chapter.

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