R. 69V-560.1000 Disciplinary Guidelines
R. 69V-560.1012 Adoption of Forms
R. 69V-560.1013 Electronic Filing of Forms and Fees
R. 69V-560.102 Application or Appointment Procedures and Requirements
R. 69V-560.1021 Effect of Law Enforcement Records on Applications for Money Services Business Licensure
R. 69V-560.103 Definitions
R. 69V-560.104 Application Fees
R. 69V-560.107 Registration of Locations and Appointment of Authorized Vendors
R. 69V-560.108 Declaration of Intent to Engage in Deferred Presentment Transactions
R. 69V-560.201 Requirements
R. 69V-560.302 Renewal Fees, Deadlines, and Requirements
R. 69V-560.402 Bond
R. 69V-560.403 Net Worth
R. 69V-560.504 Reimbursement Rates for Examinations Conducted by the Office
R. 69V-560.505 Reimbursement Rates for Examinations Conducted by a Third Party
R. 69V-560.602 Quarterly Reports
R. 69V-560.606 Annual Filing of Financial Audit Reports by Part II Licensees
R. 69V-560.608 Currency Transaction Report Filings
R. 69V-560.609 Suspicious Activity Report Filings
R. 69V-560.610 Report of International Transportation of Currency or Monetary Instruments
R. 69V-560.702 Payment Instrument Sellers
R. 69V-560.703 Money Transmitters
R. 69V-560.704 Records to Be Maintained by Check Cashers
R. 69V-560.7041 Check Cashing Database Access
R. 69V-560.7042 Check Cashing Database Access Transaction Requirements
R. 69V-560.7043 Check Cashing Database Availability
R. 69V-560.705 Foreign Currency Exchangers
R. 69V-560.706 Records to be Maintained by Authorized Vendors
R. 69V-560.707 Records to be Maintained by Deferred Presentment Providers
R. 69V-560.801 Verification Fee
R. 69V-560.802 Minimum Disclosure
R. 69V-560.804 Payment Method
R. 69V-560.805 Gross Income Test
R. 69V-560.902 Definitions
R. 69V-560.903 Deferred Presentment Transactions
R. 69V-560.904 Transaction Agreement Disclosures and Requirements
R. 69V-560.905 Transaction Fees
R. 69V-560.906 Consumer Credit Counseling Services
R. 69V-560.907 Database Access
R. 69V-560.908 Database Transaction Requirements
R. 69V-560.909 Database Availability
R. 69V-560.910 Database Transaction Fees
R. 69V-560.911 Database Dispute Resolution for Customers
R. 69V-560.912 Database Confidentiality
R. 69V-560.913 Termination of Deferred Presentment Activity; Database Maintenance