§ 5101 Definitions; meaning of terms 6
§ 5102 Systems of weights and measures 6
§ 5103 Definitions of special units of measure 6
§ 5104 State standards of weights and measures 6
§ 5105 Field standards and equipment 6
§ 5106 General powers and duties of Secretary of Agriculture 6
§ 5107 Specific powers and duties of Secretary of Agriculture; regulations 6
§ 5108 Testing at state-supported institutions 6
§ 5109 General testing 6
§ 5110 Investigations 6
§ 5111 Inspection of packages 6
§ 5112 Stop-use, stop-removal, and removal orders 6
§ 5113 Disposition of correct and incorrect apparatus 6
§ 5114 Police powers; right of entry and stoppage 6
§ 5115 Powers and duties of inspectors 6
§ 5116 Duty of owners of incorrect apparatus 6
§ 5117 Method of sale of commodities 6
§ 5118 Packages; declarations of quantity and origin; variations; exemptions 6
§ 5119 Declarations of unit price on random packages 6
§ 5120 Uniform packaging and labeling 6
§ 5121 Advertising packages for sale 6
§ 5122 Sale by net weight 6
§ 5123 Misrepresentation of price 6
§ 5124 Meat, poultry and seafood 6
§ 5125 Clams, mussels, oysters, and other mollusks 6
§ 5126 Non-food products 6
§ 5127 Bulk deliveries of commodities sold in terms of weight 6
§ 5128 Furnace and stove oil 6
§ 5129 Berries and small fruits 6
§ 5130 Construction of contracts 6
§ 5131 Licensed weighmasters; appointment; tenure; license fee; seal; charges; records 6
§ 5132 Hindering or obstructing officer; penalties 6
§ 5133 Impersonation of officer; penalties 6
§ 5134 Offenses and penalties 6
§ 5135 Injunction 6
§ 5136 Presumptive evidence 6
§ 5137 Validity of prosecutions 6
§ 5138 Concurrent jurisdiction of justices of the peace and Court of Common Pleas 6
§ 5139 Citation 6
§ 5140 Fees for services for out-of-state companies 6
§ 5141 Fines payable by mail 6
§ 5142 Administrative penalties 6

Terms Used In Delaware Code > Title 6 > Chapter 51

  • Affidavit: A written statement of facts confirmed by the oath of the party making it, before a notary or officer having authority to administer oaths.
  • Amendment: A proposal to alter the text of a pending bill or other measure by striking out some of it, by inserting new language, or both. Before an amendment becomes part of the measure, thelegislature must agree to it.
  • Appeal: A request made after a trial, asking another court (usually the court of appeals) to decide whether the trial was conducted properly. To make such a request is "to appeal" or "to take an appeal." One who appeals is called the appellant.
  • Appraisal: A determination of property value.
  • Arrest: Taking physical custody of a person by lawful authority.
  • comprehensive development plan: shall mean , from and after the respective dates by which the counties must be in compliance with this subchapter, a plan that meets the requirements of this subchapter. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • Conviction: A judgement of guilt against a criminal defendant.
  • Coordination: as used in this chapter means, in general terms, to act jointly, concurrently, and/or harmoniously toward a common end or purpose. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • Corporation: A legal entity owned by the holders of shares of stock that have been issued, and that can own, receive, and transfer property, and carry on business in its own name.
  • County: means New Castle County. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2201
  • County: means New Castle. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • Deed: The legal instrument used to transfer title in real property from one person to another.
  • Development: means any construction or reconstruction of any new or existing commercial or residential building(s) or structure(s) upon lands which are not owned by the State or its agencies or its political subdivisions, or are not within the jurisdictional control of the State or its agencies or its political subdivisions. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • Development order: means any order granting, denying or granting with conditions an application for a development permit. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • Development permit: includes any building permit, zoning permit, subdivision approval, rezoning, certificate of occupancy, special exception, variance or any other official action of local government having the effect of permitting the development of land. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • dollars: means lawful money of the United States. See Delaware Code Title 6 Sec. 4307
  • Dower: A widow
  • Equitable: Pertaining to civil suits in "equity" rather than in "law." In English legal history, the courts of "law" could order the payment of damages and could afford no other remedy. See damages. A separate court of "equity" could order someone to do something or to cease to do something. See, e.g., injunction. In American jurisprudence, the federal courts have both legal and equitable power, but the distinction is still an important one. For example, a trial by jury is normally available in "law" cases but not in "equity" cases. Source: U.S. Courts
  • Evidence: Information presented in testimony or in documents that is used to persuade the fact finder (judge or jury) to decide the case for one side or the other.
  • Fair market value: The price at which an asset would change hands in a transaction between a willing, informed buyer and a willing, informed seller.
  • Fraud: Intentional deception resulting in injury to another.
  • Governing body: means the chief governing body of County Council, however designated, or the combination of such bodies where joint utilization of the provision of this subchapter is accomplished as provided herein. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • Injunction: An order of the court prohibiting (or compelling) the performance of a specific act to prevent irreparable damage or injury.
  • Jurisdiction: (1) The legal authority of a court to hear and decide a case. Concurrent jurisdiction exists when two courts have simultaneous responsibility for the same case. (2) The geographic area over which the court has authority to decide cases.
  • Land: means the earth, water and air, above, below or on the surface, and includes any improvements or structures customarily regarded as land. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • Land development regulations: means ordinances enacted by governing bodies for the regulation of any aspect of development and includes any County Council zoning, rezoning, subdivision, building construction or sign regulations or any other regulations controlling the development of land. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • Land use: means the development that has occurred on the land, the development that is proposed by a developer on the land or the use that is permitted or permissible on the land under an adopted comprehensive plan. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • Local government: means any municipality. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • Local planning agency: means the agency designated to prepare the comprehensive plan required by this subchapter. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • Month: means a calendar month, unless otherwise expressed. See Delaware Code Title 6 Sec. 4307
  • Mortgage: The written agreement pledging property to a creditor as collateral for a loan.
  • newspaper of general circulation: means a newspaper published at least on a weekly basis and printed in the language most commonly spoken in the area within which it circulates, but does not include a newspaper intended primarily for members of a particular professional or occupational group, a newspaper whose primary function is to carry legal notices or a newspaper that is given away primarily to distribute advertising. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • Parcel of land: means any quantity of land capable of being described with such definiteness that its locations and boundaries may be established, which is designated by its owner or developer as land to be used or developed as a unit or which has been used or developed as a unit. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • Person: means an individual, corporation, governmental agency, statutory trust, business trust, estate/trust, partnership, association, 2 or more persons having a joint or common interest or any other legal entity. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • Public facilities: means major capital improvements over which the County has jurisdiction. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • public meeting: means publication of notice of the time, place and purpose of such hearing at least twice in a newspaper of general circulation in the area. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2652
  • Service charges: means rents, rates, fees or other charges charged or collected under § 2209 of this title. See Delaware Code Title 9 Sec. 2201
  • Settlement: Parties to a lawsuit resolve their difference without having a trial. Settlements often involve the payment of compensation by one party in satisfaction of the other party's claims.
  • Summons: Another word for subpoena used by the criminal justice system.
  • Testimony: Evidence presented orally by witnesses during trials or before grand juries.
  • United States: includes its territories and possessions and the District of Columbia. See Delaware Code Title 6 Sec. 4307
  • Verdict: The decision of a petit jury or a judge.
  • Writ: A formal written command, issued from the court, requiring the performance of a specific act.
  • Year: means a calendar year, and is equivalent to the words "year of our Lord. See Delaware Code Title 6 Sec. 4307