(1) Certified Service Providers must provide reports as set forth below. The Electronic Filing System developed by a Certified Service Provider must at a minimum include the following reporting capabilities:
    (a) Bundle reporting which includes all completed transactions from the prior business day and includes the following data: transaction ID number, owner name, number of license plate, expiration date, title number, agency fees, system control number, customer number, stock number, sales tax revenue, registration tax, title fees, total registration tax and title fees and total funds remitted.
    (b) An inventory report reflecting inventory on hand, unassigned, available, issued, transmitted, damaged, missing, returned, or reserved. Such report shall include series of inventory with beginning and ending numbers.
    (c) A pull ticket report which includes a control number, new owner of vehicle or vessel being purchased, VIN or hull number, make and body or vessel type. If the license plate is being transferred, the plate number shall be included.
    (d) Registration certificate.
    (e) Title application receipt.
    (f) Provide a list of license plates that have been voided, along with a reason for the void.
    (g) Provide a report for each county, by authorized EFS agent, listing all current users.
    (h) Provide a list to the Department of all authorized users of the Electronic Filing System.
    (2) The system must provide a report of all completed transactions for the previous date.
    (3) Certified Service Providers must ensure that access and data are secure. The EFS agent must ensure that access and data are only used by authorized persons.
    (4) An EFS agent that desires to change its Certified Service Provider shall submit the request to the Department on Form HSMV 82083S, which is incorporated by reference in paragraph Fla. Admin. Code R. 15C-18.004(1)(d), http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-00402.
    (5) If an EFS agent charges a fee to the customer for use of the electronic filing system in a title or registration transaction, the fee shall be disclosed separately and in a clear and conspicuous manner in the sales agreement along with the other options for titling and registration. The EFS agent may not disclose or disguise this as a State or Government fee.
Rulemaking Authority 320.03(10)(a) FS. Law Implemented 320.03(10)(a), (b) FS. History—New 12-14-10, Amended 11-22-11, Formerly 15C-18.006.