INTERCITY BUSES 168.61 – 168.65
§ 168.002 Definitions
§ 168.012 Vehicles Exempt From Tax or License Fees
§ 168.013 Vehicle Registration Taxes
§ 168.014 Owner’S Registration Certificate; Expiration
§ 168.016 Collection of Tax Rate Increase
§ 168.017 Monthly Series Registration System
§ 168.018 Quarterly Registration of Farm Trucks
§ 168.0185 Record of Vehicle Registration; Disclosure
§ 168.021 Plates for Physically Disabled Persons
§ 168.022 Mandatory Tax Refund Due to Lemon Law
§ 168.031 Registration Exemption; Active Military Service
§ 168.032 Proportionate Refund to Person On Active Military Service
§ 168.033 May Pay Proportionate Part of Tax
§ 168.04 Military Personnel; Exemptions
§ 168.041 Impounding Registration Plates
§ 168.053 Drive-Away In-Transit License
§ 168.054 Liability Insurance Policy
§ 168.056 Towing Violation a Misdemeanor; Exceptions
§ 168.057 Fees Credited to Highway User Fund
§ 168.09 Registration; Reregistration
§ 168.091 31-Day Temporary Vehicle Permit
§ 168.092 21-Day Temporary Vehicle Permit
§ 168.10 Registration; Collector Vehicle
§ 168.101 Ownership and Registration by Minor; Prohibitions
§ 168.102 School Bus; Preregistration Inspection
§ 168.105 Classic Motorcycle Registration
§ 168.11 Registration Certificate
§ 168.12 Plates
§ 168.121 Special Plates Remembering Victims of Impaired Drivers
§ 168.123 Veterans; Special Plates
§ 168.1235 Veterans Service Group Emblems
§ 168.124 Special Plates for Medal of Honor Recipients
§ 168.125 Special Plates for Former Prisoners of War
§ 168.1253 Gold Star License Plate
§ 168.1255 “proud to Be a Veteran” Plate
§ 168.1256 Retired Law Enforcement Special Plates
§ 168.126 Commuter Vans; Registration, Special License Plates
§ 168.127 Fleet Vehicles; Registration, Fee
§ 168.128 Limousine Plates
§ 168.1282 “start Seeing Motorcycles” Special Plates
§ 168.129 Special Collegiate Plates
§ 168.1291 Certain Special Plates; Uniform Design, Unique Emblems
§ 168.1293 Certain Special Plates; Authorization, Discontinuance
§ 168.1294 Law Enforcement Memorial Plates
§ 168.1295 State Parks and Trails Plates
§ 168.1296 Critical Habitat Plates
§ 168.1297 Special “rotary Member” Plates
§ 168.1298 Special “support Our Troops” Plates
§ 168.1299 Minnesota Golf Plates
§ 168.13 Proof of Ownership
§ 168.15 Rights as to Registration Certificate and Plates
§ 168.16 Registration Tax Refund; Appropriation
§ 168.17 Suspension of Registration
§ 168.181 Nonresidents, Reciprocity Agreements or Arrangements
§ 168.183 Motor Vehicles of Certain Nonresidents
§ 168.185 Usdot Numbers
§ 168.187 Interstate Registration and Reciprocity
§ 168.201 Denial or Withdrawal of Benefits and Privileges
§ 168.211 Subjection to State Laws Generally
§ 168.221 Commercial Vehicles; Taxes or Fees
§ 168.25 Vehicles Used for Testing
§ 168.26 Certain Manufacturers Need Not Register
§ 168.27 Motor Vehicle Dealers; Violations, Penalties
§ 168.2701 Liability of Lessors for Unpaid Traffic Fines
§ 168.2702 Motor Vehicle Leases; Indemnity Agreements
§ 168.271 Informational Labels On Pickup Trucks; Penalty
§ 168.274 Definitions
§ 168.275 Sale of Motor Vehicle On Sunday Forbidden
§ 168.276 Suspension or Revocation of Dealer License
§ 168.277 Motor Vehicle Purchases; Disclosure
§ 168.28 Vehicles Subject to Tax; Exceptions
§ 168.29 Replacement Plates
§ 168.301 Vehicle Transfer Deadline; Fees; Suspension
§ 168.31 Registration Tax Payment
§ 168.321 New Vehicle Manufacturer’S Statement
§ 168.325 Division of Driver and Vehicle Services
§ 168.326 Expedited Driver and Vehicle Services; Fee
§ 168.327 Driver and Vehicle Record Fees
§ 168.33 Commissioner as Registrar of Vehicles; Deputy Registrars
§ 168.34 Information Furnished
§ 168.345 Use of Vehicle Registration Information
§ 168.346 Privacy of Personal Information
§ 168.35 Intent to Escape Tax; Gross Misdemeanor
§ 168.36 Unlawful Use of Unregistered Vehicle Certificate, Plates
§ 168.37 Plate Tabs or Stickers; Monthly Registration System
§ 168.381 Manufacture of Vehicle Plates; Appropriations
§ 168.54 Motor Vehicles, Transfer of Ownership

Terms Used In Minnesota Statutes > Chapter 168

  • Absent parent: means a minor child's parent who does not live in the same home as the child. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Adult: means an individual 18 years of age or older. See Minnesota Statutes 645.451
  • Agency: has the meaning given in section 256P. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Appeal: means a written statement from an applicant or participant who requests a hearing under section 256J. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Applicant: means a person who has submitted to a county agency an application and whose application has not been acted upon, denied, or voluntarily withdrawn. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Application: means the submission by or on behalf of a family to a county agency of a completed, signed, and dated form, prescribed by the commissioner, that indicates the desire to receive assistance. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Caregiver: means a minor child's birth or adoptive parent or parents and stepparent who live in the home with the minor child. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Chair: includes chairman, chairwoman, and chairperson. See Minnesota Statutes 645.44
  • children: includes children by birth or adoption;

    (9) "day" comprises the time from midnight to the next midnight;

    (10) "fiscal year" means the year by or for which accounts are reckoned;

    (11) "hereafter" means a reference to the time after the time when the law containing such word takes effect;

    (12) "heretofore" means a reference to the time previous to the time when the law containing such word takes effect;

    (13) "judicial sale" means a sale conducted by an officer or person authorized for the purpose by some competent tribunal;

    (14) "minor" means an individual under the age of 18 years;

    (15) "money" means lawful money of the United States;

    (16) "night time" means the time from sunset to sunrise;

    (17) "non compos mentis" refers to an individual of unsound mind;

    (18) "notary" means a notary public;

    (19) "now" in any provision of a law referring to other laws in force, or to persons in office, or to any facts or circumstances as existing, relates to the laws in force, or to the persons in office, or to the facts or circumstances existing, respectively, on the effective date of such provision;

    (20) "verified" when used in reference to writings, means supported by oath or affirmation. See Minnesota Statutes 645.45

  • Commissioner: means the commissioner of human services or the commissioner's designated representative. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Commissioner of education-selected high school equivalency: means the high school equivalency certification issued by the commissioner of education as an equivalent to a secondary school diploma under section 124D. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • County agency: means the agency designated by the county board to implement financial assistance for current programs and for MFIP and the agency responsible for enforcement of child support collection, and a county or multicounty agency that is authorized under sections 393. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • County of financial responsibility: means the county that has financial responsibility for providing public assistance as specified in chapter 256G. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Department: means the Minnesota Department of Human Services. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Disqualified: means being ineligible to receive MFIP due to noncooperation with program requirements. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Documentation: means a written statement or record that substantiates or validates an assertion made by a person or an action taken by a person, agency, or entity. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Earned income: has the meaning given in section 256P. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Earned income tax credit: means the payment which can be obtained by a qualified person from an employer or from the Internal Revenue Service as provided by section 290. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Employable: means a person is capable of performing existing positions in the local labor market, regardless of the current availability of openings for those positions. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Family: includes :

    (1) the following individuals who live together: a minor child or a group of minor children related to each other as siblings, half siblings, stepsiblings, or adoptive siblings, together with their natural, adoptive parents, stepparents, or caregiver as defined in subdivision 11; and

    (2) a pregnant woman with no other children. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03

  • Family violence: means the following, if committed against a family or household member by a family or household member:

    (1) physical harm, bodily injury, or assault;

    (2) the infliction of fear of imminent physical harm, bodily injury, or assault; or

    (3) terroristic threats, within the meaning of section 609. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03

  • Family violence waiver: means a waiver of the 60-month time limit for victims of family violence who meet the criteria in section 256J. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Gross earned income: means earned income from employment before mandatory and voluntary payroll deductions. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • hearing: means the evidentiary hearing conducted by the department human services judge to resolve disputes as specified in section 256J. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Holiday: includes New Year's Day, January 1; Martin Luther King's Birthday, the third Monday in January; Washington's and Lincoln's Birthday, the third Monday in February; Memorial Day, the last Monday in May; Independence Day, July 4; Labor Day, the first Monday in September; Christopher Columbus Day, the second Monday in October; Veterans Day, November 11; Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday in November; and Christmas Day, December 25; provided, when New Year's Day, January 1; or Independence Day, July 4; or Veterans Day, November 11; or Christmas Day, December 25; falls on Sunday, the following day shall be a holiday and, provided, when New Year's Day, January 1; or Independence Day, July 4; or Veterans Day, November 11; or Christmas Day, December 25; falls on Saturday, the preceding day shall be a holiday. See Minnesota Statutes 645.44
  • Home: means the primary place of residence used by a person as the base for day-to-day living and does not include locations used as mail drops. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Household: means a group of persons who live together. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Income: means cash or in-kind benefit, whether earned or unearned, received by or available to an applicant or participant that is not property under section 256P. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Majority: means with respect to an individual the period of time after the individual reaches the age of 18. See Minnesota Statutes 645.451
  • Medical assistance: means the program established under chapter 256B and Title XIX of the Social Security Act. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • MFIP: means the assistance program authorized in this chapter. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • MFIP assistance unit: means a group of mandatory or optional people receiving or applying for MFIP benefits together. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Minor: means an individual under the age of 18. See Minnesota Statutes 645.451
  • Minor caregiver: means a person who:

    (1) is under the age of 18;

    (2) has never been married or otherwise legally emancipated; and

    (3) is either the natural parent of a minor child living in the same household or is eligible for assistance paid to a pregnant woman. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03

  • Minor child: means a child who is living in the same home of a parent or other caregiver, is not the parent of a child in the home, and is either less than 18 years of age or is under the age of 19 years and is a full-time student in a secondary school or pursuing a full-time secondary level course of vocational or technical training designed to fit students for gainful employment. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Minority: means with respect to an individual the period of time during which the individual is a minor. See Minnesota Statutes 645.451
  • Month: means a calendar month and "year" means a calendar year, unless otherwise expressed; and "year" is equivalent to the expression "year of our Lord. See Minnesota Statutes 645.44
  • MSA: means the program established under sections 256D. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Oath: includes "affirmation" in all cases where by law an affirmation may be substituted for an oath; and in like cases "swear" includes "affirm" and "sworn" "affirmed. See Minnesota Statutes 645.44
  • Overpayment: means the portion of an assistance payment issued by the county agency that is greater than the amount for which the assistance unit is eligible. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Parent: means a child's biological or adoptive parent who is legally obligated to support that child. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Participant: includes any of the following:

    (1) a person who is currently receiving cash assistance or the food portion available through MFIP;

    (2) a person who withdraws a cash or food assistance payment by electronic transfer or receives and cashes an MFIP assistance check or food coupons and is subsequently determined to be ineligible for assistance for that period of time is a participant, regardless whether that assistance is repaid;

    (3) the caregiver relative and the minor child whose needs are included in the assistance payment;

    (4) a person in an assistance unit who does not receive a cash and food assistance payment because the case has been suspended from MFIP;

    (5) a person who receives cash payments under the diversionary work program under section 256J. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03

  • Participation requirements of TANF: means activities and hourly requirements allowed under title IV-A of the federal Social Security Act. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Payment month: means the calendar month for which the assistance payment is paid. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Person: may extend and be applied to bodies politic and corporate, and to partnerships and other unincorporated associations. See Minnesota Statutes 645.44
  • Person trained in domestic violence: means an individual who works for an organization that is designated by the Minnesota Center for Crime Victims Services as providing services to victims of domestic violence, or a county staff person who has received similar specialized training, and includes any other person or organization designated by a qualifying organization under this section. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • qualified professional: means a licensed physician, a physician assistant, a nurse practitioner, or a licensed chiropractor. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Recertification: means the periodic review of eligibility factors to determine an assistance unit's continued eligibility. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Recoupment: means the action of the county agency to reduce a family's monthly assistance payment to recover overpayments caused by client or agency error and overpayments received while an appeal is pending. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Recovery: means actions taken by a county agency to reclaim the value of overpayments through voluntary repayment, recoupment from the assistance payment, court action, revenue recapture, or federal tax refund offset program (FTROP). See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Sanction: means the reduction of a family's assistance payment by a specified percentage of the MFIP standard of need because: a nonexempt participant fails to comply with the requirements of sections 256J. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • seal: includes an impression thereof upon the paper alone, as well as an impression on a wafer, wax, or other substance thereto attached. See Minnesota Statutes 645.44
  • Shelter costs: means rent, manufactured home lot rental costs, or monthly principal, interest, insurance premiums, and property taxes due for mortgages or contracts for deed. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • SSI: means the program authorized under title XVI of the Social Security Act. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • state: extends to and includes the District of Columbia and the several territories. See Minnesota Statutes 645.44
  • Tax: means any fee, charge, exaction, or assessment imposed by a governmental entity on an individual, person, entity, transaction, good, service, or other thing. See Minnesota Statutes 645.44
  • Unearned income: has the meaning given in section 256P. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Vendor: means a provider of goods or services. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Vendor payment: means a payment authorized by a county agency to a vendor. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • Verification: means the process a county agency uses to establish the accuracy or completeness of information from an applicant, participant, third party, or other source as that information relates to program eligibility or an assistance payment. See Minnesota Statutes 162.03
  • verified: when used in reference to writings, means supported by oath or affirmation. See Minnesota Statutes 645.45
  • Violate: includes failure to comply with. See Minnesota Statutes 645.44