Effective date: 1/26/2014

(1) Employees filling career service positions for which a pay additive has been approved shall receive the pay additive. A pay additive shall be removed or adjusted if there is a change in the conditions upon which it was granted.
    (2) Career service pay additives include the following:
    (a) Shift Differential – When justified by competitive labor practices and in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements, agencies may approve this additive for positions regularly assigned to an evening, night, rotating or split shift when the major portion of the hours assigned during the shift are between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
    (b) On-Call – Agencies may approve employees to be placed on-call. Employees placed on-call shall be compensated in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements.
    1. Agencies may assign this additive to individual employees subject to the following conditions:
    a. The employee has been instructed by the appropriate management to remain available to work during an off duty period.
    b. The employee must leave word where the employee may be reached by phone or electronic signaling device; and
    c. The employee is available to return to the work location on short notice to perform assigned duties, notwithstanding that the employee may be in paid or unpaid leave status.
    2. An employee who is absent from work due to personal illness for all or part of the previous work shift may be excluded from on-call status at the supervisor’s discretion.
    3. The on-call additive will begin when the employee is released from the work shift and actually goes “on-call”. An employee cannot receive the on-call additive while performing regularly scheduled or “normal work”, even if the work day is extended beyond the normal hours of work.
    4. An employee shall continue to be compensated for the on-call additive in addition to any hours the employee is compensated for being called back to the work location to perform work activities.
    (c) Hazardous Duties – An agency may approve this additive for specific positions when it can be demonstrated that the duties and responsibilities on the official position description of such positions require work activities that are exceptionally hazardous or dangerous and when performed could result in serious injury or death. Such duties and responsibilities shall not be customarily associated with all positions in the broadband level.
    (d) Leadworker Duties – An agency may approve this additive for employees who are assigned limited supervisory responsibilities that include directing the work of employees having the same or similar duties in the same work unit. The duties may also include distributing work, maintaining a balanced workload among employees, keeping records, and defining work priorities. The duties do not include evaluating performance or administering disciplinary actions, and do not justify reclassification. The duties must be reflected on the official position description and in accordance with Chapter 60L-31, F.A.C.
    (e) Temporary Special Duties – general – Subject to the request and approval requirements provided in Section 110.2035(7)(b), F.S., an agency may approve this additive when an employee has been assigned temporary duties and responsibilities not customarily assigned to the position. The Department’s review shall include the following: the duties being assigned the position; the additive amount; and compliance with the applicable collective bargaining agreement.
    (f) Temporary Special Duties – absent coworker – Unless otherwise provided in the General Appropriations Act, an agency may approve this additive when the employee is assigned the duties and responsibilities of a coworker who is absent from work due to authorized FMLA or authorized military leave.
    (g) Trainer Duties – An agency may approve this additive when an employee is assigned the responsibility to provide on-the-job training to other employees as part of an agency-approved formalized training program provided that such training is not part of the customarily assigned duties of the position.
    (h) Competitive Area Differential -This additive is provided for specific positions with similar duties and responsibilities when it has been determined that recruitment, turnover, or competitive pay problems exist in a defined geographic region or county(ies).
    (i) Critical Market Pay -This additive is agency specific and provided when pay for a position is substantially below the prevailing market rate, resulting in hiring and retention difficulties.
    (3) Initial establishment or increases to existing levels of Competitive Area Differential or Critical Market Pay additives must be implemented in accordance with the provisions of Section 110.2035(7)(c), F.S.
    (4) Employees filling certain career service and selected exempt service positions may be eligible for Criminal Justice Incentive Pay and Firefighter Supplemental Compensation as provided for in Florida Statutes § 943.22, and Florida Statutes § 633.422, respectively.
Rulemaking Authority 110.1055, 110.201(1), 110.2035(7) FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 110.131, 110.2035. History-New 1-22-02, Amended 4-3-03, 1-26-14.