Definitions. For the purposes of this rule chapter, the following definitions shall apply:
    (1) “Affirmative or corrective action” means putting remedial procedures in place to ensure that the violation does not reoccur, making any injured person whole as to the harm suffered in relation to the violation, or taking any other appropriate measures to redress the harm caused.
    (2) “Association” shall have the same meaning as stated in Florida Statutes § 718.103(2)
    (3) “Minor violation” is a violation in which the division will issue a Notice of Noncompliance as a first response to a violation of a rule pursuant to rule 61B-21.002, F.A.C., due to the violation’s lower potential for public harm. Failure to timely comply with the Notice of Noncompliance may result in further sanctions and enforcement.
Rulemaking Authority 120.695, 718.501(1)(d)6., (f) FS. Law Implemented 718.501(1)(d)6. FS. History—New 6-4-98, Amended 10-23-18.