(1) Proof of Age. In addition to the acceptable forms of proof enumerated in subFlorida Statutes § 450.045(1), age may also be established by a photocopy of the child’s identification card issued by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or by a valid military identification card that shows the minor’s date of birth.
    (2) Proof of Removal of Nonage Disability. Prior to employing any person who claims his or her disability of nonage has been removed by the occurrence of one of the events enumerated in subsections 450.012(3)(a)-(e), F.S., employers shall obtain a certified copy of the document or record which establishes the claimed exemption. Employers shall maintain a copy of such document or record on file during the entire period of employment.
Rulemaking Authority 450.121 FS. Law Implemented 450.012(3), 450.045(1), 450.045(3), 450.061(3) FS. History-New 10-7-93, Formerly 38H-14.003, Amended 6-12-16.