(1) A recovery facility receiving PCW shall:
    (a) Obtain a hazardous waste facility operation permit in accordance with Rules 62-730.200 and 62-730.231, F.A.C.;
    (b) Qualify for an exemption from the hazardous waste permitting process, pursuant to paragraphs 62-730.270(1)(a)-(c), F.A.C., or
    (c) Obtain a used oil processing general permit in accordance with Rule 62-710.800, F.A.C., except for subsections 62-710.800(5) and (6). For the purpose of this permit, the words “used oil” shall mean “PCW” and the phrase “used oil processing facility” shall mean “PCW recovery facility.”
    (2) A recovery facility shall meet the following requirements:
    (a) Store PCW in registered tanks in accordance with the applicable requirements for the storage of pollutants as specified in Chapter 62-761 or 62-762, F.A.C.
    (b) Store PCW in containers or tanks that are not required to be registered under Chapter 62-761 or 62-762, F.A.C., in accordance with the requirements in subsection 62-740.100(2), F.A.C.
    (c) Maintain records of the following PCW related activities for each shipment of PCW received for a minimum of 3 years, maintain the records onsite, and make the records available to the Department upon request:
    1. Name and address of the PCW producer.
    2. Name and address of the PCW transporter.
    3. Date of receipt of the PCW shipment.
    4. Volume of the PCW received.
    5. A copy of the shipping paper used for shipment of the PCW.
    6. Documentation of weekly container or tank inspections required in paragraph 62-740.100(2)(e), F.A.C.
    (3) A recovery facility shall be able to demonstrate to the Department by operating procedures or records kept on site that, under normal operating practices, it recovers product from PCW.
    (4) A recovery facility shall obtain written assurances from the producer that the PCW does not contain levels of hazardous constituents above those found in the source of the PCW. These written assurances must be maintained by the recovery facility for 3 years.
    (5) A recovery facility shall maintain records documenting quantities of product recovered from PCW and submit a report to the Department by March 1 of each year. The report shall include the total quantity of the PCW received and an estimate of the total quantity of product recovered from the PCW during the previous calendar year.
    (6) A recovery facility shall test and manage all waste residuals after the recovery of product as appropriate in accordance with Chapter 62-730, F.A.C., or other applicable rules of the Department.
Rulemaking Authority 376.303, 403.721 FS. Law Implemented 376.30, 376.302, 376.303, 403.702, 403.704, 403.72, 403.721 FS. History—New 12-18-95.