(1) The purpose of this chapter is to provide requirements for underground storage tank systems that store regulated substances in order to minimize the occurrence and environmental risks of releases and discharges. This chapter provides requirements for underground storage tank systems having individual storage tank capacities greater than 110 gallons.

Terms Used In Florida Regulations 62-761.100

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
  • Release: means a loss of regulated substances from a storage tank system or system component into the system's secondary containment. See Florida Regulations 62-761.200
  • Storage tank system: means a tank used to contain regulated substances, its integral piping, and all its components, including dispensers, spill containment systems, overfill protection systems, secondary containment systems, and any associated release detection equipment. See Florida Regulations 62-761.200
  • system component: means any part (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) of the storage tank system that is necessary for a tank system to operate properly and safely. See Florida Regulations 62-761.200
  • Tank: means an enclosed stationary container or structure that is designed or used to store regulated substances, and the volume of which, including the volume of underground piping, is ten percent or more buried beneath the surface of the ground. See Florida Regulations 62-761.200
    (2) This chapter implements the requirements of chapter 376, F.S. Final agency action related to the functions that may be carried out by a locally administered governmental program (county) under contract with the Department pursuant to Florida Statutes § 376.3073, shall be taken by the Department.
    (3) Site access to the facility and individual storage tank systems or system components, subject to safety considerations, shall be provided for compliance inspections conducted at reasonable times and with notice by phone or email. The facility owner or operator shall provide an authorized facility representative to unlock and open any covers, manways, and release detection equipment associated with the storage tank system or system component and demonstrate operational functionality of electronic equipment.
Rulemaking Authority 376.303 FS. Law Implemented 376.303, 376.3073, 403.091 FS. History—New 12-10-90, Formerly 17-761.100, Amended 9-30-96, 7-13-98, 6-21-04, 1-11-17.