Effective date: 3/9/2014

    The Board of Dentistry invites and encourages all interested parties to provide comment on matters or propositions before the Board or a committee of the Board. The opportunity to provide comment shall be subject to the following:
    (1) Interested parties will be given an opportunity to provide comment on subject matters before the Board after an agenda item is introduced at a properly noticed board meeting.
    (2) Interested parties shall be limited to three (3) minutes to provide comment. This time shall not include time spent by the presenter responding to questions imposed by Board members, staff or board counsel. The chair of the Board may extend the time to comment if time permits.
    (3) An interested party shall notify board staff in writing of its interest to be heard on a proposition or matter before the Board. The notification shall identify the party, indicate its support, opposition, or neutrality, and identify who will speak on behalf of the party if the interested party is a group or faction of persons consisting of five (5) or more persons. Interested parties may use pseudonyms if they do not wish to identify themselves.
Rulemaking authorized by Florida Statutes § 286.0114. Implements Florida Statutes § 286.0114. History”‘New 3-9-14.