Effective date: 6/20/1989

    (1) The Board takes official notice of the large number of elderly dental patients residing in Florida and that many of them are confined to hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care institutions. The Board also recognizes the continuing difficulty in providing ongoing dental care to these individuals which is created as a result of the inadvertent misplacing or switching of their removable dental prosthetic devices, which can enhance the transmission of communicable diseases. Accordingly, in an effort to enhance the likelihood that these individuals will receive minimally competent dental treatment consistent with the requirements of Section 466.028(1)(x), F.S., the Board establishes an identification standard for removable prosthetic devices.
    (2) Every licensed dentist in this State making or directing to be made a removable prosthetic device, bridge, appliance or other structure to be used and worn as a substitute for natural teeth and/or supporting structure shall offer to the patient for whom the prosthesis is intended the opportunity to have such prosthesis marked at the time of fabrication. The location and method used for marking the prosthesis shall be determined by the dentist and this marking shall be permanent, legible, and cosmetically acceptable and shall include the patient’s name.
    (3) If the dentist determines that identification is not practicable or clinically safe, the offer to mark the prosthesis need not be made.
    (4) Any removable dental prosthesis fabricated prior to the effective date of this rule, shall be subject to the provisions of subsection (2), during a laboratory relining or rebasing of the prosthesis.
Rulemaking authorized by Florida Statutes § 466.004(4). Law Implemented 466.028(1)(x) FS. History—New 4-26-87, Amended 6-20-89, Formerly 21G-17.005, 61F5-17.005, 59Q-17.005.