Effective date: 9/14/1997

    (1) For the purposes of Board member compensation under subsection (4), of the Florida Statutes § 456.011, “other business involving the Board” is defined to include:

Terms Used In Florida Regulations 64B6-1.002

  • Probable cause: A reasonable ground for belief that the offender violated a specific law.
    (a) Board meetings;
    (b) Meetings of committees of the Board;
    (c) Meetings of a Board member with Department staff, contractors of the Department, or other meetings at the Department or Board’s request. Any participation or meeting of members noticed or unnoticed will be on file in the Board office;
    (d) Probable cause panel meetings.
    (2) No Board member shall have three (3) consecutive unexcused absences consisting 50% or more of the Board’s meetings within any twelve (12) month period or such Board membership shall become void. Members shall communicate the reason for any absence to the Executive Director prior to the meeting and the reason for the absence shall be made part of the minutes of that meeting. Unexcused absences shall include all absences of Board members except those which:
    (a) Are the result of serious illness which prevents a member’s attendance;
    (b) Are due to the recent death or serious illness of an immediate family member;
    (c) Are due to unavoidable travel delays, or travel delays which prevent attendance.
Rulemaking Authority 456.011(3), (4), 484.044 FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 456.011(4). History—New 1-10-84, Formerly 21JJ-1.03, 21JJ-1.003, Amended 4-8-90, Formerly 21JJ-1.017, Amended 4-6-94, 6-16-94, 10-13-96, Formerly 61G9-1.017, Amended 9-14-97.