(1) Biomedical waste transporters shall be registered with the department. Biomedical waste generators transporting less than 25 pounds of their own biomedical waste, in their own transport vehicle, on any single occasion, are exempt from transporter registration, fee, and placarding requirements of this chapter.

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  • Statute: A law passed by a legislature.
    (2) Each owner or operator of a transport vehicle shall submit to the department a completed application for registration on form DH 4106, herein incorporated by reference.
    (3) Biomedical waste transporter registrations shall expire on September 30 each year. Renewal applications will not be considered complete without the submission of an annual report on form DH 4109, herein incorporated by reference. Biomedical waste transporters with valid registrations, on the effective date of this chapter, shall renew their registration by September 30 following the expiration date of their existing registration.
    (4) Registered transporters shall notify the department in writing within 30 days of any changes made to their registration form currently on file with the department.
    (5) Any registered biomedical waste transporter is subject to having their biomedical waste transporter registration denied, suspended, or revoked, pursuant to Florida Statutes § 381.0098, and in accordance with the procedural requirements of Florida Statutes § 120.60, upon a finding by the department that the transporter:
    (a) Has submitted false or inaccurate information in the application or annual report;
    (b) Has violated the provisions of any statute or rule which the department is authorized to enforce;
    (c) Has refused to allow inspection of records or equipment by department personnel.
Rulemaking Authority 381.0098 FS. Law Implemented Florida Statutes § 381.0098. History—New 6-3-97, Formerly 10D-104.0074.