(1) No registered transporter may knowingly accept biomedical waste for transport unless it has been properly segregated, packaged, and labeled.
    (2) Each registered transporter shall provide the generator with a receipt of pick-up.
    (3) During transport, no registered transporter shall compact biomedical waste or allow it to leak into the environment.
    (4) Transfer of biomedical waste from one transport vehicle to another is not allowed unless the transfer occurs at a permitted storage or treatment facility, except as provided in paragraph Fla. Admin. Code R. 64E-16.008(10)(a) Intermodal transfers of biomedical waste are allowed provided transport shipping seals remain intact.
    (5) Any registered transporter who unknowingly fails to comply with subsection (3) or (4), of this rule, because such biomedical waste has not been properly segregated or separated from other solid wastes by the generating facility is not guilty of a violation under this rule.
    (6) No registered transporter shall knowingly deliver biomedical waste for storage or treatment to a facility which does not have a valid permit issued by the department.
    (7) All transport vehicles containing biomedical waste shall be visibly identified with the business name, registration number, a 24 hour telephone number, and placards showing the phrase and the international biological hazard symbol as described in paragraph Fla. Admin. Code R. 64E-16.004(2)(a) The symbol shall be at least six inches in diameter.
    (8) All transport vehicles containing biomedical waste shall be fully enclosed and secured when unattended.
    (9) Registered transporters shall notify the department within one working day by telephone and shall submit a follow-up report to the department within 10 days, in writing, if there is an accident that results in a spill of biomedical waste.
    (10) In case of an emergency situation, including mechanical failure, the following is allowed:
    (a) If the emergency occurs during transport, biomedical waste may be transferred to another transport vehicle, including a rental vehicle, without being at a storage or treatment facility.
    (b) If a rental vehicle is used, the department shall be notified of its use on the first working day after the emergency. A copy of the written authorization from the rental agency stating awareness of the intended use of the vehicle shall be submitted to the department within seven days.
    (c) Biomedical waste shall be removed and transported to a permitted storage or treatment facility within 24 hours of the emergency.
    (d) Before return to the rental agency, the vehicle shall be decontaminated.
Rulemaking Authority 381.0098 FS. Law Implemented Florida Statutes § 381.0098. History—New 6-3-97, Formerly 10D-104.0073.