Effective date: 7/20/2016

    Any public pool can be immediately posted closed by the department as not being in compliance with this chapter whenever any of the following conditions occur:
    (1)(a) The disinfectant level is below the minimum or above the maximum that is prescribed in this chapter.
    (b) The pH of the pool water is below 7.2 or above 7.8.
    (c) The clarity of the pool water is such that the main drain grate is not readily visible from the pool deck.
    (d) The recirculation system or disinfection feeding equipment is missing or not functioning.
    (e) Any portion of the anti-entrapment system is missing or not functional, or a main drain cover/grate is missing, unsecured, improperly secured, damaged, or does not meet the requirements of this chapter by the dates specified.
    (f) Operation without a valid permit.
    (g) Direct suction exists on the main drain or other outlets, except vacuum fittings, automatic surface skimmer(s), and their equalizer grates provided the flow velocity through the equalizer grate does not exceed 1.5 feet per second, or the corrective actions specified in this chapter and Florida Statutes § 514.0315, are not completed by dates specified.
    (h) Any other conditions which endangers the health, safety, or welfare of persons using the pool, which may include, but is not limited to: a drowning hazard, broken glass, sharp edged or broken tile or metal, fecal accident(s), electrical code violation, or severe biological growth. The department may attach a sign that states “Pool Closed. This pool is not in compliance with Chapter 64E-9, F.A.C., and may endanger the health, safety or welfare of persons using this facility.” With the department’s permission, the pool operator may remove signs from the pool area immediately following correction of the cited deficiencies provided the county health department is notified of this action.
    (2) Correction of Unauthorized Modifications.
    (a) When it is discovered that a pool has been modified from the original approved plans and application, corrective actions and replacement shall be allowed to occur to bring the pool back into compliance with the plans and applications as approved without the requirement for a modification permit, unless any of the following exist:
    1. Critical conditions identified in paragraphs 64E-9.017(1)(d) and (g), F.A.C., above, are discovered.
    2. The original approved plans and application are not available for verification.
    3. The extent of the unauthorized modification cannot be readily determined by the department or the design engineer.
    4. The corrective construction or replacement will place the pool in violation of current pool construction rules.
    5. The construction repair is regulated under the FBC 454.1 by the jurisdictional Building official.
    6. Other unsanitary or unsafe conditions apparent to the department or the design engineer.
    (b) Whenever any of the conditions subparagraphs 1 through 6, above, exist, the owner shall make application to the jurisdictional Building department for a modification permit to authorize any construction required to restore the condition of the pool to an approved or original condition. A copy of this permit application shall be provided to the department.
Rulemaking Authority 381.006, 514.021, 514.05 FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 381.006, 514.021, 514.04, 514.05, 514.06. History—New 10-5-93, Formerly 10D-5.146, Amended 12-27-98, 5-27-04, 5-24-09, 7-20-16.