Effective date: 7/1/2014


Terms Used In Florida Regulations 65G-2.012

  • beneficiary: A person who is entitled to receive the benefits or proceeds of a will, trust, insurance policy, retirement plan, annuity, or other contract. Source: OCC
    (a) Each group home facility shall have a designated facility operator on-site or on call at all times. The facility operator is responsible for the on-going operation of the group home facility and for ensuring compliance with Chapter 65G-2, F.A.C., and Florida Statutes § 393.067 whenever the facility operator is on-site or on call and one or more residents are present in the facility.
    (b) The facility operator shall be a person of responsible character and integrity, qualified by education, training, and experience to effectively manage the facility. The operator shall have successfully completed at least 90 credit hours of accredited college level coursework applicable to the functions of the facility, such as education, special education, social work, sociology, health, psychology or child development, or have at least a high school diploma and three years relevant experience in working with children, adolescents or adults with disabilities. The licensee shall designate a capable person who shall perform all the necessary duties of the operator during the temporary absence of the operator. Direct service providers hired by the licensee prior to the adoption date of this rule shall be exempt from this requirement.
    (c) An area of the facility shall be designated as office space where files, desk, telephone and other administrative tools and equipment are located. Adequate provisions shall be made for ensuring the security of confidential files and other types of records, such as account books, inventories, audits, resident records, and resident funds. These records may be kept electronically. A violation of this paragraph shall constitute a Class III violation.
    (d) With the exception of paragraph (c), a violation of this subsection shall constitute a Class II violation.
    (a) Fiscal records pertaining to the cost of providing care to Agency clients shall be maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
    (b) The Agency may audit the records of a group home facility to ensure compliance with Chapter 65G-2, F.A.C. and Florida Statutes § 393.067, provided that financial audits shall be limited to the records of Agency clients.
    (c) Upon request by the Agency, the group home facility shall make available copies of any internal or external audit reports pertaining to funding received on behalf of Agency clients.
    (d) The provider, the provider’s employees, and any family members thereof are prohibited from:
    1. Being the named beneficiary of a resident’s life insurance policy unless related to the resident by blood or marriage;
    2. Receiving any indirect financial benefit from a resident’s life insurance policy unless related to the resident by blood or marriage; and
    3. Borrowing or otherwise using a resident’s personal funds for any purpose other than the resident’s benefit.
    (e) A violation of this subsection shall constitute a Class III violation.
Rulemaking Authority 393.501(1), 393.067 FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 393.067. History—New 8-13-78, Formerly 10F-6.10, 10F-6.010, 65B-6.010, Amended 7-1-14.