(1) The provisions of sections 517.07 and 517.12, F.S., requiring compliance with the registration requirements of the Florida Securities and Investor Protection Act, if applicable, shall not be deemed to prevent the use of the Internet, provided the following:
    (a) The posted information or communication, directly or indirectly, indicates that the securities are not being offered to any person in this state;
    (b) The posted information or communication is not directed to any person in this state; and,
    (c) No sales occur as a result of the posted information or communication.
    (2) Sales may be made via the Internet upon registration of securities by dealers registered in Florida unless otherwise exempt.
    (3) For purposes of the Florida Securities and Investor Protection Act, “Internet” is defined as the global information system comprised of independent computer networks which are interconnected and share information without the use of a central processing center by use of the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) suite, to include without limitation, the World Wide Web, proprietary or “common carrier” electronic delivery systems, or similar medium.
Rulemaking Authority Florida Statutes § 517.03(1). Law Implemented 517.021(12), (16), 517.07, 517.12 FS. History—New 11-21-96, Formerly 3E-100.010.