R. 12A-15.001 Scope of Rules
R. 12A-15.002 Surtax Brackets
R. 12A-15.003 Admissions; Tangible Personal Property; Services; Service Warranties; Real Property and Transient Accommodations; Use Tax
R. 12A-15.0035 Aircraft, Boats, Motor Vehicles, and Mobile Homes
R. 12A-15.004 Specific Limitations
R. 12A-15.005 Permits, Certificates, and Affidavits
R. 12A-15.006 Tax Returns and Regulations
R. 12A-15.007 Records
R. 12A-15.008 Construction Contractors Who Repair, Alter, Improve, and Construct Real Property; Refund of Surtax
R. 12A-15.010 The Sale of Food, Drink, and Tangible Personal Property at Concession Stands
R. 12A-15.011 Coin-Operated Amusement and Vending Machines, and Other Devices
R. 12A-15.012 Alcoholic and Malt Beverages
R. 12A-15.014 Transition Rule