R. 12B-5.020 Definitions; Specific Exemptions
R. 12B-5.030 Importers
R. 12B-5.040 Carriers
R. 12B-5.050 Terminal Suppliers
R. 12B-5.060 Wholesalers
R. 12B-5.070 Terminal Operators
R. 12B-5.080 Exporters
R. 12B-5.090 Local Government Users
R. 12B-5.100 Mass Transit Systems
R. 12B-5.110 Blenders
R. 12B-5.120 Resellers and Retail Dealers
R. 12B-5.121 Temporary Licenses Issued Under a Declared Emergency
R. 12B-5.130 Refunds
R. 12B-5.140 Dyeing and Marking; Mixing
R. 12B-5.150 Public Use Forms
R. 12B-5.200 Realtailers of Alternative Fuel
R. 12B-5.300 Aviation Fuel Licensees
R. 12B-5.375 Temporary Pollutant Importer License Issued Under a Declared Emergency
R. 12B-5.400 Producers and Importers of Pollutants
R. 12B-5.500 Natural Gas Fuel Retailers
R. 12B-5.600 Tracking System Reporting Requirements

Terms Used In Florida Regulations > Chapter 12B-5 - Tax On Motor Fuels, Diesel Fuels, Aviation Fuels, Pollutants, and Natural Gas Fuel

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