R. 14-10.0011 General Provisions
R. 14-10.0022 Outdoor Advertising Sign Inventory
R. 14-10.003 Licenses
R. 14-10.004 Outdoor Advertising Permit Applications, Criteria, and Permit Issuance
R. 14-10.00401 Administration of Outdoor Advertising Permits
R. 14-10.0041 Annual Renewal Billing – Licenses and Permits
R. 14-10.0042 Denial, Suspension, or Revocation of Licenses, and Denial or Revocation of Permits
R. 14-10.0043 Outdoor Advertising License and Permit Fees
R. 14-10.0052 Zoning Enacted Primarily to Permit Outdoor Advertising Signs
R. 14-10.007 Maintenance of Nonconforming Signs
R. 14-10.057 Vegetation Management Application and Permit Insurance

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