R. 62-150.200 Definitions
R. 62-150.300 Notification Requirements

Terms Used In Florida Regulations > Chapter 62-150 - Hazardous Substance Release Notification

  • Discovery: Lawyers' examination, before trial, of facts and documents in possession of the opponents to help the lawyers prepare for trial.
  • Facility: means (a) any building, structure, installation, equipment, pipe or pipeline (including any pipe into a sewer or publicly owned treatment works), well, pit, pond, lagoon, impoundment, ditch, landfill, storage container, motor vehicle, rolling stock, or aircraft; or (b) any site or area where a hazardous substance has been deposited, stored, disposed of, or placed, or otherwise come to be located; but does not include any consumer product in consumer use or any vessel. See Florida Regulations 62-150.200
  • Hazardous substance: means any substance which is defined as a hazardous substance in 42 USC §9601(14) and which is designated as a hazardous substance in 40 CFR §302. See Florida Regulations 62-150.200
  • Release: means any spilling, leaking, pumping, pouring, emitting, emptying, discharging, injecting, escaping, leaching, dumping, or disposing into the environment (including the abandonment or discarding of barrels, containers, and other closed receptacles containing any hazardous substance or pollutant or contaminant), but excludes (a) any release which results in exposure to persons solely within a workplace, with respect to a claim which such persons may assert against the employer of such persons; (b) emissions from the engine exhaust of a motor vehicle rolling stock, aircraft, vessel, or pipeline pumping station engine; (c) release of source, byproduct, or special nuclear material from a nuclear incident, as those terms are defined in the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 [42 USCS §§2011 et seq. See Florida Regulations 62-150.200
  • Reportable quantity: means that quantity, as set forth in Table 302. See Florida Regulations 62-150.200