R. 64B16-26.1001 Examination and Application Fees
R. 64B16-26.1002 Initial License Fees
R. 64B16-26.1003 Active License Renewal Fees
R. 64B16-26.1004 Inactive License Election; Renewal; Fees
R. 64B16-26.1005 Retired License Election; Renewal; Fees.
R. 64B16-26.1012 Approved Continuing Education Provider Renewal Fee
R. 64B16-26.1021 Delinquent License Reversion; Reinstatement; Fees
R. 64B16-26.1022 Permit Fees
R. 64B16-26.103 Continuing Education Credits; Renewal
R. 64B16-26.1031 Vaccine Certification Program
R. 64B16-26.1032 Immunization Administration Certification Application and Information
R. 64B16-26.104 Exemptions for Members of the Armed Forces; Spouses
R. 64B16-26.200 Examination Requirements; Passing Scores
R. 64B16-26.203 Pharmacist Licensure by Examination (U.S. Graduates); Application
R. 64B16-26.2031 Licensure by Examination (Foreign Graduates); Application
R. 64B16-26.2032 Application for Pharmacy Intern Registration
R. 64B16-26.2033 Approved Pharmacy Internship Programs
R. 64B16-26.204 Pharmacist Licensure by Endorsement; Application
R. 64B16-26.300 Consultant Pharmacist Licensure
R. 64B16-26.301 Subject Matter for Consultant Pharmacist Course
R. 64B16-26.302 Subject Matter for Consultant Pharmacist Licensure Renewal Continuing Education
R. 64B16-26.303 Nuclear Pharmacist Licensure
R. 64B16-26.304 Subject Matter for Nuclear Pharmacist License Renewal Continuing Education Programs
R. 64B16-26.320 Subject Matter for Continuing Education to Order and Evaluate Laboratory Tests
R. 64B16-26.350 Requirements for Pharmacy Technician Registration
R. 64B16-26.351 Standards for Approval of Registered Pharmacy Technician Training Programs
R. 64B16-26.355 Subject Matter for Registered Pharmacy Technician Continuing Education
R. 64B16-26.400 Pharmacy Interns; Registration; Employment
R. 64B16-26.600 Tripartite Continuing Education Committee
R. 64B16-26.601 Standards for Approval of Courses and Providers
R. 64B16-26.6012 Guidelines for Board Ordered Disciplinary Continuing Education Courses
R. 64B16-26.603 Continuing Education Records Requirements

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