Division 6C Board of Regents
Division 6E Commission for Independent Education
Division 6M Division of Early Learning
Division 6B Education Practices Commission
Division 6C3 Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University
Division 6C5 Florida Atlantic University
Division 6C10 Florida Gulf Coast University
Division 6C8 Florida International University
Division 6C13 Florida Polytechnic University
Division 6D Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind
Division 6C2 Florida State University
Division 6C11 New College of Florida
Division 6N Postsecondary Reciprocal Distance Education Coordinating Council
Division 6A State Board of Education
Division 6C7 University of Central Florida
Division 6C1 University of Florida
Division 6C9 University of North Florida
Division 6C4 University of South Florida
Division 6C6 University of West Florida