(1) The county commissioners of any county may agree with the Department of Health upon the expenditure by the department in such county of any funds allotted for that purpose by the department or received by it for such purposes from private contributions or other sources, and such funds shall be paid to the Chief Financial Officer and shall form a part of the full-time county health department trust fund of such county; and such funds shall be expended by the department solely for the purposes of this chapter. The department is further authorized to arrange and agree with the United States Government, through its duly authorized officials, for the allocation and expenditure by the United States of funds of the United States in the study of causes of disease and prevention thereof in such full-time county health departments when and where established by the department under this part.
(2) Nothing in chapter 75-48, Laws of Florida, shall affect the powers and authorities granted to the several counties of the state and the county commissions thereof by chapter 154, except to substitute the Department of Health in place of the Division of Health as a party in interest in any agreements provided for in that chapter and except as provided in ss. 154.01 and 154.04.