Terms Used In Florida Statutes 260.0141

  • Department: means the Department of Environmental Protection. See Florida Statutes 260.013
  • Designation: means the identification and inclusion of specific lands and waterways as part of the statewide system of greenways and trails pursuant to a formal public process, including the specific written consent of the landowner. See Florida Statutes 260.013
  • Trails: means linear corridors and any adjacent support parcels on land or water providing public access for recreation or authorized alternative modes of transportation. See Florida Statutes 260.013
There is established within the department the “Florida Greenways and Trails Program,” the purpose of which is to facilitate the establishment of a statewide system of greenways and trails. Planning materials, maps, data, and other information developed or used in the program shall not be construed as designation of lands as part of the statewide system of greenways and trails. Identification of lands in such information shall not:

(1) Require or empower any unit of local or regional government, or any state agency, to impose additional or more restrictive environmental, land-use, or zoning regulations;
(2) Be construed or cited as authority to adopt, enforce, or amend any environmental rule or regulation; comprehensive plan goals, policies, or objectives; or zoning or land-use ordinance;
(3) Be used as the basis for permit denial; imposition of any permit condition; or application of any rule, regulation, or ordinance by any subdivision of local, regional, or state government; or
(4) Be construed or cited as authority by any governmental agency to reduce or restrict the rights of owners of lands so identified.