Terms Used In Florida Statutes 310.131

  • Board: means the Board of Pilot Commissioners. See Florida Statutes 310.002
  • Department: means the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. See Florida Statutes 310.002
  • Pilotage: means the compensation fixed by the Pilotage Rate Review Committee which is payable by a vessel, its owners, agents, charterers, or consignees to one or more pilots in the port where piloting is performed. See Florida Statutes 310.002
  • Port: means any place in the state into which vessels enter or depart and includes, without limitation, Fernandina, Nassau Inlet, Jacksonville, St. See Florida Statutes 310.002
The department shall assess the licensed state pilots in the respective ports of the state a percentage of the gross amount of pilotage earned by such pilots during each year, which percentage will be established by the board not to exceed 2 percent, to be paid into the Professional Regulation Trust Fund by such pilots at such time and in such manner as the board prescribes or as is set forth in the General Appropriations Act. The financial records of all pilots and deputy pilots relating to pilotage are subject to audit by the department and the Auditor General. The department shall by rule set a procedure for verifying the amount of pilotage at each port and may charge costs to the appropriate port if the port does not comply with such procedure.