§ 68.010 Cities and counties authorized to form port authorities, when
§ 68.015 Port district, how designated — boundaries, where filed, how altered.
§ 68.020 Purpose of port authority
§ 68.025 Powers of port authority
§ 68.030 State or its subdivisions may transfer property to port authority, when
§ 68.035 State authorized to make grants to port authorities
§ 68.040 Bonds of port authority, issued, when — authorized as investments — tax …
§ 68.045 Board of port authority commissioners minimum number required — …
§ 68.050 Conflict of interest by port authority commissioners prohibited
§ 68.055 Letting of contracts, manner, amounts
§ 68.057 Competitive bids required, when
§ 68.060 Consolidation of port districts by contract, how
§ 68.065 Powers of state highways and transportation commission
§ 68.070 Dissolution, procedure for
§ 68.075 AIM zones — definitions — establishment, boundaries — retention of tax …
§ 68.100 Mid-America port commission agreement, commission, powers, duties
§ 68.105 Mid-America port commission act
§ 68.110 Counties included (Scotland, Knox, Shelby, Clark, Ralls, Monroe, Lewis, ..
§ 68.115 Powers of commission
§ 68.120 County commissioners to elect two members
§ 68.200 Citation of law
§ 68.205 Definitions
§ 68.210 Establishment of districts authorized, procedure
§ 68.215 Public hearing required — notice.
§ 68.220 Opposition, court to serve copy of petition, procedure
§ 68.225 Notice, form
§ 68.230 Termination of district, procedure
§ 68.235 Levy of property tax authorized — vote required — ballot language — repeal …
§ 68.240 County collector’s and treasurer’s duties — use of moneys upon expiration …
§ 68.245 Levy of sales and use tax authorized — ballot language — collection of tax, …
§ 68.250 Conducting of election, procedure
§ 68.255 Statute of limitations
§ 68.259 Severability clause
§ 68.260 Applicability of law — report required.

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