Terms Used In Florida Statutes 388.021

  • County: means a political subdivision of the state administered by a board of county commissioners. See Florida Statutes 388.011
  • District: means any mosquito control district established in this state by law for the express purpose of controlling arthropods within boundaries of said districts. See Florida Statutes 388.011
  • Nuisance: means a condition in which pestiferous arthropods occur in such numbers as to be annoying, obnoxious, or inimical to human comfort. See Florida Statutes 388.011

(1) The abatement or suppression of arthropods, whether disease-bearing or merely pestiferous, within any or all counties of this state is advisable and necessary for the maintenance and betterment of the comfort, health, and welfare of the people thereof and is found and declared to be for public purposes. Areas where arthropods incubate, hatch, or occur in significant numbers so as to constitute a public health, welfare, or nuisance problem may be controlled or abated as provided in this chapter or the rules promulgated hereunder. Therefore, any city, town, or county, or any portion or portions thereof, whether such portion or portions include incorporated territory or portions of two or more counties in the state, may be created into a special taxing district for the control of arthropods under the provisions of this chapter.
(2) It is the legislative intent that those mosquito control districts established prior to July 1, 1980, pursuant to the petition process contained in former s. 388.031, may continue to operate as outlined in this chapter. However, on and after that date, no mosquito control districts may be created except pursuant to s. 125.01.