(1) In furtherance of the purposes of this act and in order to contribute to the economy of state government, it is the intent of the Legislature that there be close cooperation between the department and any agency of the state from which procurement of products or services is required under the provision of any law currently in effect. The department and any such agency of the state are authorized to enter into such contractual agreements, cooperative working relationships, or other arrangements as may be determined to be necessary for effective coordination and efficient realization of the objectives of this act and any other law requiring procurement of products or services from any agency of the state.
(2) The department may secure directly from any agency of the state information necessary to enable it to carry out this act. Upon request of the department, the head of the agency shall furnish such information to the department.
(3) Space shall be set aside in the State Capitol for the purpose of exhibiting products produced by clients of rehabilitation-oriented agencies of the state.