Terms Used In Florida Statutes 466.036

  • dental laboratory: as used in this chapter :
    (1) Includes any person, firm, or corporation who performs for a fee of any kind, gratuitously, or otherwise, directly or through an agent or employee, by any means or method, or who in any way supplies or manufactures artificial substitutes for the natural teeth, or who furnishes, supplies, constructs, or reproduces or repairs any prosthetic denture, bridge, or appliance to be worn in the human mouth or who in any way holds itself out as a dental laboratory. See Florida Statutes 593.106
  • Department: means the Department of Health. See Florida Statutes 585.008
The department may require from the applicant for a registration certificate to operate a dental laboratory any information necessary to carry out the purpose of this chapter, including proof that the applicant has the equipment and supplies necessary to operate as determined by rule of the department, and shall require periodic inspection of all dental laboratories operating in this state. Such inspections shall include, but not be limited to, inspection of sanitary conditions, equipment, supplies, and facilities on the premises. The department shall specify dental equipment and supplies that are not permitted in a registered dental laboratory.