Terms Used In Florida Statutes 502.121

  • Department: means the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. See Florida Statutes 620.8703
  • Frozen dessert: means a specific standardized frozen dessert described in 21 C. See Florida Statutes 620.8703
  • Milk: means the lacteal secretion, practically free from colostrum, obtained by the complete milking of one or more healthy cows, goats, sheep, water buffalo, or other hooved mammals. See Florida Statutes 620.8703
  • Transfer station: means any place, premises, or establishment where milk or milk products are transferred directly from one milk tank truck to another. See Florida Statutes 620.8703
  • writing: includes handwriting, printing, typewriting, and all other methods and means of forming letters and characters upon paper, stone, wood, or other materials. See Florida Statutes 88.6011

(1) All future construction or extensive alteration of milk houses, milking barns, stables, parlors, transfer stations, and milk and frozen dessert plants regulated under this chapter must meet certain minimum specifications and requirements which the department shall establish.
(2) Anyone who plans to construct a new milk house, milking barn, stable, parlor, transfer station, or milk or frozen dessert plant or extensively alter any such existing facility shall notify the department in writing of the intention to construct or alter, the date construction or alteration is to begin, and the legal description of the property for which the construction is planned.
(3) The minimum specifications in effect on the date of the original notification shall apply to the construction or alteration. If the construction does not meet these requirements and specifications, the department shall direct the owner to alter the construction to conform to them.