On all specific contracts for trench excavation in which such excavation will exceed a depth of 5 feet:

(1) The contract bid submitted by the contractor who will perform such excavation shall include:

(a) A reference to the trench safety standards that will be in effect during the period of construction of the project.

Terms Used In Florida Statutes 553.63

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
(b) Written assurance by the contractor performing the trench excavation that such contractor will comply with the applicable trench safety standards.
(c) A separate item identifying the cost of compliance with the applicable trench safety standards.
(2) A contractor performing trench excavation shall:

(a) As a minimum, comply with the excavation safety standards which are applicable to a project.
(b) Adhere to any special shoring requirements, if any, of the state or other political subdivisions which may be applicable to such a project.
(c) If any geotechnical information is available from the owner, the contractor, or otherwise, the contractor performing trench excavation shall consider this information in the contractor’s design of the trench safety system which it will employ on the project. This paragraph shall not require the owner to obtain geotechnical information.