Terms Used In Florida Statutes 622.01

  • association: as used in this chapter shall mean and include any foreign association that shall have qualified, in the manner permitted by this chapter, to transact business and acquire, hold, and dispose of property, and sue and be sued in this state. See Florida Statutes 622.02
  • foreign association: as used in this chapter shall mean and include any unincorporated joint stock association for profit, created and existing under the laws of any state other than this state, or of the District of Columbia, or of any territory or possession of the United States, engaged in any business or businesses other than the banking, trust, or insurance business, and having written articles of association, capital stock divided into shares, and a name including the word "company" or "association" or "society"; but shall not mean nor include any unincorporated association, company or group of persons engaged in the banking, trust, or insurance business. See Florida Statutes 622.02
Qualification in compliance with this chapter is not and shall not be mandatory, and is and shall be optional, as a permissive alternative to compliance with any other law or laws with respect to the trade, business, or fictitious name or style, and the recording, registration, or publication thereof, under which business may be transacted by an unincorporated association, company, or group of persons; but no foreign association, as defined hereinafter, shall enjoy or exercise the powers conferred by this chapter unless it shall have qualified in compliance herewith.