(1) The division shall collect in advance the following fees that it deems necessary to be charged:

(a) Pursuant to part III of this chapter:

1. Contractor certificate initial application: $300 for each class of certificate.
2. Contractor biennial renewal fee: $150 for each class of certificate.
3. Contractor permit initial application fee: $100 for each class of permit.
4. Contractor permit biennial renewal fee: $50 for each class of permit.
5. Contractor examination or reexamination fee: $100 for each class of certificate.
6. Fire equipment dealer license:

a. Class A: $250.
b. Class B: $150.
c. Class C: $150.
d. Class D: $200.
7. Fire equipment dealer or contractor application and renewal fee for an inactive license: $75.
8. Fire equipment dealer license or permit exam or reexamination: $50.
9. Reinspection fee for a dealer equipment inspection conducted by the State Fire Marshal under s. 633.304(1): $50 for each reinspection.
10. Permit for a portable fire extinguisher installer/repairer/inspector: $90.
11. Permit for a preengineered fire extinguishing system installer/repairer/inspector: $120.
12. Conversion of a fire equipment dealer’s license to a different category: $10 for each permit and license.

Terms Used In Florida Statutes 633.132

  • Division: means the Division of State Fire Marshal within the Department of Financial Services. See Florida Statutes 633.102
  • Fire extinguisher: means a cylinder that:
    (a) Is portable and can be carried or is on wheels. See Florida Statutes 633.102
(b) Pursuant to part IV of this chapter:

1. Certificate of compliance: $30.
2. Certificate of competency: $30.
3. Renewal fee for a certificate of compliance, competency, or instruction: $15.
(c) Duplicate or change of address for any license, permit, or certificate: $10.
(2) All moneys collected by the State Fire Marshal pursuant to this chapter shall be deposited into the Insurance Regulatory Trust Fund.