(1) Each developer of a residential cooperative created by converting existing, previously occupied improvements to such form of ownership shall disclose the condition of the improvements and the condition of certain components and their current estimated replacement costs.
(2) The following information shall be stated concerning the improvements:

(a) The date and type of construction.

Terms Used In Florida Statutes 719.616

  • Common expenses: means all expenses and assessments properly incurred by the association for the cooperative. See Florida Statutes 719.103
  • Cooperative: means that form of ownership of real property wherein legal title is vested in a corporation or other entity and the beneficial use is evidenced by an ownership interest in the association and a lease or other muniment of title or possession granted by the association as the owner of all the cooperative property. See Florida Statutes 719.103
  • Developer: means a person who creates a cooperative or who offers cooperative parcels for sale or lease in the ordinary course of business, but does not include the owner or lessee of a unit who has acquired or leased the unit for his or her own occupancy, nor does it include a condominium association which creates a cooperative by conversion of an existing residential condominium after control of the association has been transferred to the unit owners if, following the conversion, the unit owners will be the same persons. See Florida Statutes 719.103
  • Unit: means a part of the cooperative property which is subject to exclusive use and possession. See Florida Statutes 719.103
(b) The prior use.
(c) Whether there is termite damage or infestation and whether the termite damage or infestation, if any, has been properly treated. The statement shall be substantiated by including, as an exhibit, an inspection report by a certified pest control operator.
(3)(a) Disclosure of condition shall be made for each of the following components that the existing improvements may include:

1. Roof.
2. Structure.
3. Fireproofing and fire protection systems.
4. Elevators.
5. Heating and cooling systems.
6. Plumbing.
7. Electrical systems.
8. Swimming pool.
9. Seawalls.
10. Pavement and parking areas.
11. Drainage systems.
(b) For each component, the following information shall be disclosed and substantiated by attaching a copy of a certificate under seal of an architect or engineer authorized to practice in this state:

1. The age of the component.
2. The estimated remaining useful life of the component.
3. The estimated current replacement cost of the component, expressed:

a. As a total amount, and
b. As a per unit amount, based upon each unit’s proportional share of the common expenses.
4. The structural and functional soundness of the component.