§ 100.011 Opening and closing of polls, all elections; expenses
§ 100.021 Notice of general election
§ 100.025 Citizens residing overseas; notice of elections
§ 100.031 General election
§ 100.032 Election preparation report; general election
§ 100.041 Officers chosen at general election
§ 100.051 Candidate’s name on general election ballot.
§ 100.061 Primary election
§ 100.081 Nomination of county commissioners at primary election
§ 100.101 Special elections and special primary elections
§ 100.102 Cost of special elections and special primary elections to be incurred by the state
§ 100.111 Filling vacancy
§ 100.141 Notice of special election to fill any vacancy in office
§ 100.151 Special elections called by local governing bodies, notice
§ 100.161 Filling vacancy of United States Senators
§ 100.181 Determination of person elected
§ 100.191 General election laws applicable to special elections; returns
§ 100.201 Referendum required before issuing bonds
§ 100.211 Power to call bond referendum; notice required
§ 100.221 General election laws to govern bond referenda
§ 100.241 Freeholder voting; election; penalties for ineligible persons who vote as freeholders
§ 100.261 Holding bond referenda with other elections
§ 100.271 Inspectors, clerk, duties; return and canvass of referendum recorded
§ 100.281 Approval to issue bonds
§ 100.291 Record results of election prima facie evidence
§ 100.301 Refunding bonds excluded
§ 100.311 Local law governs bond election held by municipalities
§ 100.321 Test suit
§ 100.331 Referendum for defeated bond issue
§ 100.341 Bond referendum ballot
§ 100.342 Notice of special election or referendum
§ 100.351 Referendum election; certificate of results to Department of State
§ 100.3605 Conduct of municipal elections
§ 100.361 Municipal recall
§ 100.371 Initiatives; procedure for placement on ballot

Terms Used In Florida Statutes > Chapter 100

  • Alley: means a right-of-way providing a secondary means of access and service to abutting property. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • Block: includes "tier" or "group" and means a group of lots existing within well-defined and fixed boundaries, usually being an area surrounded by streets or other physical barriers and having an assigned number, letter, or other name through which it may be identified. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • Cul-de-sac: means a street terminated at the end by a vehicular turnaround. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • Developer: means the owners of record executing the dedication required by…. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • Easement: means any strip of land created by a subdivider for public or private utilities, drainage, sanitation, or other specified uses having limitations, the title to which shall remain in the name of the property owner, subject to the right of use designated in the reservation of the servitude. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • Governing body: means the board of county commissioners or the legal governing body of a county, municipality, town, or village of this state. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • Interlocal service boundary agreement: means an agreement adopted under this part, between a county and one or more municipalities, which may include one or more independent special districts as parties to the agreement. See Florida Statutes 171.202
  • Legal entity: means an entity that holds a certificate of authorization issued under chapter 472, whether the entity is a corporation, partnership, association, or person practicing under a fictitious name. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • Lot: includes tract or parcel and means the least fractional part of subdivided lands having limited fixed boundaries, and an assigned number, letter, or other name through which it may be identified. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • Monument: means a survey marker which must:
    (a) Be composed of a durable material. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • Municipality: means any incorporated city, town, or village. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • Municipality: means a municipality created pursuant to general or special law authorized or recognized pursuant to…. See Florida Statutes 171.031
  • oath: includes affirmations. See Florida Statutes 88.6011
  • Office of Economic and Demographic Research: means an entity designated by joint rule of the Legislature or by agreement between the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. See Florida Statutes 88.6011
  • person: includes individuals, children, firms, associations, joint adventures, partnerships, estates, trusts, business trusts, syndicates, fiduciaries, corporations, and all other groups or combinations. See Florida Statutes 88.6011
  • Plat or replat: means a map or delineated representation of the subdivision of lands, being a complete exact representation of the subdivision and other information in compliance with the requirement of all applicable sections of this part and of any local ordinances. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • political subdivision: include counties, cities, towns, villages, special tax school districts, special road and bridge districts, bridge districts, and all other districts in this state. See Florida Statutes 88.6011
  • Professional surveyor and mapper: means a surveyor and mapper registered under chapter 472 who is in good standing with the Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • Public utility: includes any public or private utility, such as, but not limited to, storm drainage, sanitary sewers, electric power, water service, gas service, or telephone line, whether underground or overhead. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • Right-of-way: means land dedicated, deeded, used, or to be used for a street, alley, walkway, boulevard, drainage facility, access for ingress and egress, or other purpose by the public, certain designated individuals, or governing bodies. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • State plane coordinates: means the system of plane coordinates which has been established by the National Ocean Service for defining and stating the positions or locations of points on the surface of the earth within the state and shall hereinafter be known and designated as the "Florida State Plane Coordinate System. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • Street: includes any access way such as a street, road, lane, highway, avenue, boulevard, alley, parkway, viaduct, circle, court, terrace, place, or cul-de-sac, and also includes all of the land lying between the right-of-way lines as delineated on a plat showing such streets, whether improved or unimproved, but shall not include those access ways such as easements and rights-of-way intended solely for limited utility purposes, such as for electric power lines, gas lines, telephone lines, water lines, drainage and sanitary sewers, and easements of ingress and egress. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • Subdivision: means the division of land into three or more lots, parcels, tracts, tiers, blocks, sites, units, or any other division of land; and includes establishment of new streets and alleys, additions, and resubdivisions; and, when appropriate to the context, relates to the process of subdividing or to the lands or area subdivided. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • Survey data: means all information shown on the face of a plat that would delineate the physical boundaries of the subdivision and any parts thereof. See Florida Statutes 177.031
  • writing: includes handwriting, printing, typewriting, and all other methods and means of forming letters and characters upon paper, stone, wood, or other materials. See Florida Statutes 88.6011