§ 102.012 Inspectors and clerks to conduct elections
§ 102.014 Poll worker recruitment and training
§ 102.021 Compensation of inspectors, clerks, and deputy sheriffs
§ 102.031 Maintenance of good order at polls; authorities; persons allowed in polling rooms and early voting areas; unlawful solicitation of voters
§ 102.071 Tabulation of votes and proclamation of results
§ 102.091 Duty of sheriff to watch for violations; appointment of special officers
§ 102.101 Sheriff and other officers not allowed in polling place
§ 102.111 Elections Canvassing Commission
§ 102.112 Deadline for submission of county returns to the Department of State
§ 102.121 Elections Canvassing Commission to issue certificates
§ 102.131 Returns before canvassing commission
§ 102.141 County canvassing board; duties
§ 102.151 County canvassing board to issue certificates; supervisor to give notice to Department of State
§ 102.155 Certificate of election
§ 102.166 Manual recounts of overvotes and undervotes
§ 102.168 Contest of election
§ 102.1682 Judgment of ouster; revocation of commission; judgment setting aside referendum
§ 102.1685 Venue
§ 102.169 Quo warranto not abridged
§ 102.171 Contest of election to Legislature

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