§ 766.101 Medical review committee, immunity from liability
§ 766.1015 Civil immunity for members of or consultants to certain boards, committees, or other entities
§ 766.1016 Patient safety data privilege
§ 766.102 Medical negligence; standards of recovery; expert witness
§ 766.103 Florida Medical Consent Law
§ 766.104 Medical negligence cases; reasonable investigation required before filing
§ 766.105 Florida Patient’s Compensation Fund.
§ 766.106 Notice before filing action for medical negligence; presuit screening period; offers for admission of liability and for arbitration; informal discovery; review
§ 766.1065 Authorization for release of protected health information
§ 766.107 Court-ordered arbitration
§ 766.108 Mandatory mediation and mandatory settlement conference in medical negligence actions
§ 766.110 Liability of health care facilities
§ 766.111 Engaging in unnecessary diagnostic testing; penalties
§ 766.1115 Health care providers; creation of agency relationship with governmental contractors
§ 766.1116 Health care practitioner; waiver of license renewal fees and continuing education requirements
§ 766.112 Comparative fault
§ 766.113 Settlement agreements; prohibition on restricting disclosure to Division of Medical Quality Assurance
§ 766.118 Determination of noneconomic damages
§ 766.1185 Bad faith actions
§ 766.201 Legislative findings and intent
§ 766.202 Definitions; ss. 766.201-766.212
§ 766.2021 Limitation on damages against insurers, prepaid limited health service organizations, health maintenance organizations, or prepaid health clinics
§ 766.203 Presuit investigation of medical negligence claims and defenses by prospective parties
§ 766.204 Availability of medical records for presuit investigation of medical negligence claims and defenses; penalty
§ 766.205 Presuit discovery of medical negligence claims and defenses
§ 766.206 Presuit investigation of medical negligence claims and defenses by court
§ 766.207 Voluntary binding arbitration of medical negligence claims
§ 766.208 Arbitration to allocate responsibility among multiple defendants
§ 766.209 Effects of failure to offer or accept voluntary binding arbitration
§ 766.21 Misarbitration
§ 766.211 Payment of arbitration award; interest
§ 766.212 Appeal of arbitration awards and allocations of financial responsibility
§ 766.301 Legislative findings and intent
§ 766.302 Definitions; ss. 766.301-766.316
§ 766.303 Florida Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Plan; exclusiveness of remedy
§ 766.304 Administrative law judge to determine claims
§ 766.305 Filing of claims and responses; medical disciplinary review
§ 766.306 Tolling of statute of limitations
§ 766.307 Hearing; parties; discovery
§ 766.309 Determination of claims; presumption; findings of administrative law judge binding on participants
§ 766.31 Administrative law judge awards for birth-related neurological injuries; notice of award
§ 766.311 Conclusiveness of determination or award; appeal
§ 766.312 Enforcement of awards
§ 766.313 Limitation on claim
§ 766.314 Assessments; plan of operation
§ 766.315 Florida Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Association; board of directors
§ 766.316 Notice to obstetrical patients of participation in the plan

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