Terms Used In Hawaii Revised Statutes 342G-81

  • Processing: means any technology used for the purpose of reducing the volume or weight, or both, of solid wastes, or any technology used to convert part or all of solid wastes for reuse. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 342G-1
  • Program: means the particular combination of waste management methods selected by each county and designed to achieve the objectives of the state and county integrated solid waste management plans. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 342G-1
  • Recycling: means the collection, separation, recovery, and sale or reuse of secondary resources that would otherwise be disposed of as municipal solid waste, and is an integral part of a manufacturing process aimed at producing a marketable product made of postconsumer material. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 342G-1

      342G-81  Definitions.  As used in this part, unless the context requires otherwise:

     “Deposit glass beverage container” means:

     (1)  The individual, separate, sealed, glass container used for containing, at the time of import, sixty-eight fluid ounces or less of a beverage; or

     (2)  The empty, individual, separate glass container that will be filled with sixty-eight fluid ounces or less of a beverage and sealed in this State, so that these glass beverage containers will be subject to part VIII.

     “Glass container importer” means any person who is engaged in the manufacture of glass containers within the State or who imports glass containers from outside the State for sale or use within the State.  The term includes federal agencies and military distributors, but does not include airlines and shipping companies that merely transport glass containers.

     “Glass incentive” means an incentive paid to licensed recyclers for recycling glass containers.  Such incentives may be structured to include the costs of collection and processing, and a “buy back” incentive to increase participation by the public and private haulers.

     “Glassphalt” means an asphaltic concrete mixture utilizing crushed glass, under controlled gradation conditions, as a substitute for a percentage of the aggregate in the mix.

     “Glass recovery program” means a program for glass recovery and reuse for purposes including but not limited to:

     (1)  Glass container reuse or recycling whereby containers are refilled, processed for shipment out of the State, or crushed into aggregate substitute; and

     (2)  Use in roadway materials or concrete as provided in this part.

     “Import” means to buy, bring, or accept delivery of glass containers from an address, supplier, or any entity outside of the State of Hawaii.