431:10C-314  Jurisdiction.  Any person may bring suit for breach of any contractual obligation assumed by an insurer under a policy of insurance containing such mandatory or optional provisions in any state court of competent jurisdiction.

Terms Used In Hawaii Revised Statutes 431:10C-314

  • Insurer: means every person holding a valid certificate of authority to engage in the business of making contracts of motor vehicle insurance in this State. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 431:10C-103
  • Jurisdiction: (1) The legal authority of a court to hear and decide a case. Concurrent jurisdiction exists when two courts have simultaneous responsibility for the same case. (2) The geographic area over which the court has authority to decide cases.
  • Obligation: An order placed, contract awarded, service received, or similar transaction during a given period that will require payments during the same or a future period.
  • Person: means , when appropriate to the context, not only individuals, but corporations, firms, associations, and societies. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 431:10C-103