91-4.2  Rule format; publication of index.  The revisor of statutes shall:

     (1)  Prescribe a single format for the publication, filing, and indexing of rules by all state agencies.  Among other things, the revisor shall provide for the manner and form, including size, in which the agency rules shall be prepared, printed, and indexed, to the end that all rules, compilations, and codifications shall be prepared and published in a uniform manner at the earliest practicable date.  The format shall provide that each rule published shall be accompanied by a reference to the statutory authority pursuant to which the rule is adopted, the statutory section implemented by the rule, if any, and the effective date of the rule; and provide that whenever possible rules should incorporate any applicable sections of the Hawaii Revised Statutes by reference and not print the section in the rule.  The stipulated format shall also provide for access by the public to all of the rules with an index, both of which shall be located in the office of the lieutenant governor.

     (2)  Compile and publish an index to all rules required to be filed with the lieutenant governor with annual supplements.