§ 13A.010 Definitions for chapter
§ 13A.020 Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee — Membership — Meetings — Vote required to act
§ 13A.030 Duties of subcommittee
§ 13A.040 Administrative regulations compiler — Duties
§ 13A.050 Kentucky Administrative Regulations Service — Administrative Register of Kentucky — Publication dates — Certificate of compiler — Fees
§ 13A.060 Exclusive publication by Legislative Research Commission — Copies available to members of General Assembly
§ 13A.070 Administrative regulations promulgated by Commission — Assistance to administrative bodies
§ 13A.090 Rebuttable presumption of correctness of content of administrative regulations — Judicial notice
§ 13A.100 Matters which shall be prescribed by administrative regulation
§ 13A.110 Prescription of forms and tables
§ 13A.120 Promulgation of administrative regulations — Prohibitions concerning promulgations
§ 13A.125 Restrictions on filing subsequent proposed administrative regulation with same number and title
§ 13A.130 Matters prohibited as subject of internal policy, memorandum, or other form of action
§ 13A.150 Specified time for filing
§ 13A.170 Methods of promulgating administrative regulations
§ 13A.180 Ordinary administrative regulation defined
§ 13A.190 Emergency administrative regulations
§ 13A.200 Administrative regulation in contemplation of a statute — Procedure
§ 13A.210 Tiering of administrative regulations
§ 13A.215 Use of administrative regulation management application – Paper-based filing requirements — Notification to the regulations compiler.
§ 13A.220 Compliance with KRS 13A.222 and 13A.224 required — Filing with compiler — Format
§ 13A.221 Division of subject matter of administrative regulation
§ 13A.222 Drafting rules
§ 13A.224 General requirements for incorporation by reference
§ 13A.2245 Incorporation of code or uniform standard by reference
§ 13A.2251 Information required in administrative regulation when incorporating material by reference
§ 13A.2255 Amendment of material previously incorporated by reference
§ 13A.2261 Federal statutes and regulations not to be incorporated by reference
§ 13A.230 Other material to be filed with and e-mailed to compiler
§ 13A.240 Regulatory impact analysis
§ 13A.245 Agencies to prepare a federal mandate analysis comparing proposed state regulatory standards to federal standards — Relationship between state administrative regulation and federal law or regulation governing a subject matter
§ 13A.250 Consideration of costs to local and state government and to regulated entities — Fiscal note
§ 13A.255 Notice of ordinary administrative regulation proposing to establish or increase fees
§ 13A.270 Public hearing and comments — Notice — Communication by e-mail regarding administrative regulations — When notification of regulations compiler required
§ 13A.280 Statement of consideration — Amendment — Format — Information required — Publication
§ 13A.290 Review by Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee — Review by legislative committee
§ 13A.300 Request by promulgating administrative body to defer consideration of administrative regulation — Consideration of deferred administrative regulation — Limitation on number of deferrals — Failure of representative of administrative body to appear
§ 13A.310 Repeal or permissive withdrawal of administrative regulation
§ 13A.3102 Expiration of administrative regulations
§ 13A.3104 Certification process for avoiding expiration of administrative regulations — When regulations expire
§ 13A.312 Actions required when authority over a subject matter is transferred to another administrative body or name of administrative body is changed — Return of administrative regulations to previous form if General Assembly does not confirm or codify exe
§ 13A.315 Expiration and withdrawal of administrative regulation prior to review by legislative committee — Effect of noncompliance with chapter — Withdrawal of deficient administrative regulation upon Governor’s notification
§ 13A.320 Amendment of administrative regulation during meeting of legislative committee or public meeting — Format
§ 13A.330 Notification of finding of deficiency — Governor’s determination after finding of deficiency
§ 13A.331 Adoption and effective date of ordinary administrative regulation that has been referred to a legislative committee
§ 13A.335 Reasons administrative regulation found deficient shall not be considered deficient — Notice
§ 13A.336 Annual report on administrative regulations found deficient — Contents
§ 13A.337 Legislative finding — Certain administrative regulations void — Prohibition against promulgating substantially similar regulations — Judicial review
§ 13A.338 Legislative finding — Certain administrative regulations void — Prohibition against promulgating substantially similar regulations within specified time
§ 13A.339 Unenforceability of certain administrative regulations that became effective notwithstanding finding of deficiency
§ 13A.341 Unenforceability of 702 KAR 1:195E, Face Coverings in School Facilities, after September 9, 2021
§ 13A.342 Unenforceability of 902 KAR 2:211E, Covering the Face in Response to Declared National or State Public Health Emergency, as of September 9, 2021
§ 13A.343 Unenforceability of 902 KAR 2:212E, Covering the Face in Response to Declared National or State Public Health Emergency, as of September 9, 2021
§ 13A.344 Unenforceability of 902 KAR 2:213E, Childcare Standards for Covering the Face in Response to Declared National or State Public Health Emergency, as of September 9, 2021
§ 13A.3441 Unenforceability of proposed amendment to 803 KAR 25:190, relating to utilization review and medical bill audits, as of April 14, 2022
§ 13A.3442 Unenforceability of 702 KAR 1:192E, District Employee Quarantine Leave, as of April 14, 2022
§ 13A.350 Application of chapter

Terms Used In Kentucky Statutes > Chapter 13A - Administrative Regulations

  • Administrative body: means each state board, bureau, cabinet, commission, department, authority, officer, or other entity, except the General Assembly and the Court of Justice, authorized by law to promulgate administrative regulations. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010
  • Administrative regulation: means each statement of general applicability promulgated by an administrative body that implements, interprets, or prescribes law or policy, or describes the organization, procedure, or practice requirements of any administrative body. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010
  • Adopted: means that an administrative regulation has become effective in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010
  • Appropriate court: means the Circuit Court for the county of the Commonwealth in which the limited cooperative association's principal office is located or, if none, the county in which the registered office is or was last located. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.1-020
  • Articles of association: means the articles of association of a limited cooperative association required by KRS §. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.1-020
  • Authorizing signature: means the signature of the head of the administrative body authorized by statute to promulgate administrative regulations. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010
  • Commission: means the Legislative Research Commission. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010
  • Conference committee: A temporary, ad hoc panel composed of conferees from both chamber of a legislature which is formed for the purpose of reconciling differences in legislation that has passed both chambers. Conference committees are usually convened to resolve bicameral differences on major and controversial legislation.
  • Cooperative: means a limited cooperative association or an entity organized under any cooperative law of any jurisdiction. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.1-020
  • Director: means a director of a limited cooperative association. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.1-020
  • Entity: means an entity or a foreign entity, both as defined in KRS §. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.1-020
  • Federal mandate: means any federal constitutional, legislative, or executive law or order that requires or permits any administrative body to engage in regulatory activities that impose compliance standards, reporting requirements, recordkeeping, or similar responsibilities upon entities in the Commonwealth. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010
  • Financial rights: means the right to participate in allocations and distributions as provided in Subchapters 10 and 12 of this chapter, but does not include rights or obligations under a marketing contract governed by Subchapter 7 of this chapter. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.1-020
  • Foreign cooperative: means an entity organized in a jurisdiction other than this
    Commonwealth under a law similar to this chapter. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.1-020
  • Last effective date: means the latter of:
    (a) The most recent date an ordinary administrative regulation became
    effective, without including the date a technical amendment was made pursuant to KRS §. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010
  • Legislative committee: means an interim joint committee, a House or Senate standing committee, a statutory committee, or a subcommittee of the Legislative Research Commission. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010
  • Local government: means and includes a city, county, urban-county, charter county, consolidated local government, special district, or a quasi-governmental body authorized by the Kentucky Revised Statutes or a local ordinance. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010
  • Major economic impact: means an overall negative or adverse economic impact from an administrative regulation of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) or more on state or local government or regulated entities, in aggregate, as determined by the promulgating administrative bodies. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010
  • marketing contract: means a contract between a limited cooperative association and another person that need not be a patron member:
    (1) Requiring the other person to sell, or deliver for sale or marketing on the person's behalf, a specified part of the person's products, commodities, or goods exclusively to or through the association or any facilities furnished by the association. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.7-010
  • Member: means a person that is admitted as a patron member or investor member, or both, in a limited cooperative association. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.1-020
  • Members meeting: means an annual members meeting or special meeting of members. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.1-020
  • Patron member: means a member that has made a contribution to a limited cooperative association and:
    (a) Is required by the organic rules to conduct patronage with the association in the member's capacity as a patron member in order to receive the member's interest. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.1-020
  • Patronage: means business transactions between a limited cooperative association and a person which entitle the person to receive financial rights based on the value or quantity of business done between the association and the person. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.1-020
  • Principal office: means the principal executive office of a limited cooperative association or foreign cooperative, whether or not in this state. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.1-020
  • promulgated: means that an administrative regulation, or other document required to be filed by this chapter, has been submitted to the Commission in accordance with this chapter. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010
  • Proposed administrative regulation: means an administrative regulation that: (a) Has been filed by an administrative body. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010
  • Secretary: means the officer designated pursuant to KRS §. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.1-020
  • Small business: means a business entity, including its affiliates, that: (a) Is independently owned and operated. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010
  • State: means a state of the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, or any territory or insular possession subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.1-020
  • Statement of consideration: means the document required by KRS §. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010
  • Subcommittee: means the Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee of the Legislative Research Commission. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010
  • Tiering: means the tailoring of regulatory requirements to fit the particular circumstances surrounding regulated entities. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010
  • Transfer: includes an assignment, conveyance, deed, bill of sale, lease, mortgage, security interest, encumbrance, gift, and transfer by operation of law. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.1-020
  • Voting power: means the total current power of members to vote on a particular matter for which a vote may or is to be taken. See Kentucky Statutes 272A.1-020
  • Written comments: means comments submitted to the administrative body's contact person identified pursuant to KRS §. See Kentucky Statutes 13A.010